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- Friday, April 7th, 2000 Like Share

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2.Product Overview
3.Music Quality
4.More Music Quality and Games Performance
5.Final Remarks
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g0dofearth Dec 27, 11
I wish I had one of these but I cant afford this high tech equipment.
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VeGiTAX2 Dec 27, 11
You do realize these were released 11 years ago and technology has developed since then to bring the cost down to 25-50 for a pair that's respectable for the price?

You could get something like this:

Even if you really wanted MidiLand Speakers you can still find newer models for about $80 which isn't much given the longevity you get out of them.
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astrallite Jan 25, 12
If $20 is expensive high tech equipment he must live in some tiny sub-Saharan country with a terrible exchange rate to the US Dollar.
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