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hbn Oct 17, 12
The size of the keys! Looks a good keyboard but I thought most keyboards now would benefit from having flatter keys. Not really in the market for a new keyboard although the K90 looks good, better than the K60 anyway.

Interested in a new gaming mouse though. Do you know if the other mouse buttons on either the M60 or M90 are actually programmable outside and in games? It would be nice if there was supplied software for the mouse to provide additional macro functions outside games (like the macro keys on keyboards). It says RTS and MMOs, would the mouse work in other games (if they could be set up) such as RPGs, FPS games, etc?

How is the supplied software work? Is it good software, easy to use, etc? There doesn't seem to be much info on the software at all. I've read one or two user reviews stating some issues with the software, albeit the software is in beta and apparently some issues with the firmware.
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PowerGem Oct 18, 12
The size of the keys is like... WTF LOL but still its pretty good, like Harbin said. M90 is a better mouse and yes they do work in all MMOs and RPGs. It's nice and basic, it does have one bug where sometimes the mouse will right-button with be stuck on its own and click for 5 seconds at most however other than that its a very direct, basic and overall professional mouse for gaming and office alike, I believe users who don't buy one are foolish and that they should go die in a hole.
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deeplove Oct 22, 12
man, i like the looks of the M90 but those button placements look awkward to me. i'm used to the razer naga. i got away from my g15 due to it's size and went with a cm storm mech keyboard. i love mech keyboards. but to go back to a larger sized keyboard would kill me. i'm trying to downsize.

but they look like good pieces of equipment. i really like the looks on them.
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Shadow of Death Oct 28, 12
The Mouse looks like it has too many damned buttons >_>

I could use more buttons (my mouse has a couple of thumb buttons on each side, but the forward-most button is inconvenient to reach so I don't use it). But the amount of
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jupiter Dec 3, 12
Awesome keyboard, great review!
The only heavy issue I had with this keyboard is that the macro keys didn't work in Linux.
After a few months I figured a fix, ... the code is on https://github.com/jupiter126/Linux_Custom_Control_Device
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