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- Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 Like Share

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deeplove Jul 18, 12
YES! This is the case I was looking at in Compusa I believe. This is one nice case. I like it. I might use this for my next build.
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Tonystew42 Jul 18, 12
Wow, that's a beauty! Right now it's $70 on NCIX, and they're throwing a free fan and shipping on all Corsair cases. May just have to replace my current case...
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tekmosis Jul 19, 12
It's too bad it didn't have an eSATA on the front as well, that'd have been handy
0 thumbs!
deeplove Jul 19, 12
For the price, I honestly don't mind the missing eSata. I like this case a lot. The extra money I'd probably shell out for Windows 7, I might just go with Linux and that money will go towards this case. LOVE IT!!!
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