CES 2012 Day 4 Coverage Review - PAGE 3

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1.CES Day 4 - Yoga
2.CES Day 4 - Cideko
3.CES Day 4 - SkullCandy, ASUS and Ice Dragon
4.CES Day 4 - Intel
5.CES Day 4 - Giada
6.CES Day 4 - Summary and Photos
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MasterCheat Jan 22, 12
CES is like pre-christmas for nerds! I was a little disappointed there was nothing about Intel's new Ivy Bridge, though. Anyways Giadas motherboards look so sleek, I might just have to go against the ASUS-fanboy in me. Excellent writing, as always, Mr. Jager!
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Shadow of Death Jan 22, 12
H_Jager - Yeah I've thought of that too and I don't know why they don't do it. Probably some BS reason like 'security'. More likely they want to keep everything proprietary and they don't want people using USB connections as cheap extra memory instead of going for their much more expensive, higher capacity SKUs.

Must be very old, because I don't think I've ever heard of it XD

A subwoofer eh? Though I think noise complaints would be the primary reason, not everyone likes booming bass (myself included). I LIKE bass, but I don't want it deafening >_> I'm sure you were facetious though XD
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H_Jager Jan 22, 12
quote Shadow of Death
quote Wut?
At least we hit our Day 4 coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show 2012!
I'm still waiting on someone to release a keyboard attachment (mini or otherwise) for portable devices like Smartphones.

I wasn't sure that I would make it to the end like that. I was existing on pretty much willpower by that point.

Here is my thinking....
Why don't they just let the mini-USB port on modern smart-phones accept uPNP-type connections?!!?
Imagine this: USB-dongle fully size keyboards, thumb-drives, flash business cards, mice, etc.

Why has no one thought of this?!


"Playing Hobb" is just me taking some creative liberty and resurrecting a very old saying/phrase

The speaker on the engine hoist is a subwoofer dude! They had one installed in a car right next to the one on display. I asked why they didn't have it pumping out sound and the rep said that they were forbidden. My guess is that the sonic pressure waves would cause a resonance in the roof and might cause structural problems.
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Shadow of Death Jan 20, 12
quote Wut?
At least we hit our Day 4 coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show 2012!
Is that a mistype, in the first line? For shame XD Or are you saying that you thought things weren't up to snuff, but 'at least we covered this much of it'? Heheheh

Seems a bit silly for Yoga to show off their headsets without at least a demo for their flagship model(s). I wonder if it was quality concerns, financial concerns ("but what if some idiot breaks them?"), or they were just more concerned about appearance than anything else? Eh, they aren't the first booth to just show off the products and specs without them actually running any of them.

Cideko seems to have spied a potential market in the segment of the population that prefers smartphones and the like, and are good at using small keypads >_> Still, the fact it can function as a mouse (though how well, I dunno) is interesting. The HTPC applications, yes, I do see that. I'd prefer a remote of course, but that's just not going to work with navigating an desktop and such >_>

I'm still waiting on someone to release a keyboard attachment (mini or otherwise) for portable devices like Smartphones. Though it doesn't apply to me, it would make browsing the net with a smartphone/device much more pleasant if it had some sort of keyboard and mouse support. Somewhat defeats the purpose of having the device pocket sized, but on the go it could useful for someone who doesn't want to bring a laptop. A roll-up rubber keyboard would work, and maybe use something like a nub for mouse input?

AsusTek could get away with being so private I think, considering how widespread and common their products are, as the article said. I'd like to find out more about the OLED screen though. From the gist of it, it seems it would be an ultra durable, but high color depth and contrast screen eh?

I can just imagine a few years from now, Ice Dragon mentioned in the same breath as watercooling. Just sounds right, doesn't it? Maybe they'll expand and either make their own, or partner with other companies to make kits (maybe even closed circuit kits eh?).

"Played Hobb with my camera settings"? That a reference to something, or a strange spellcheck auto-correct? Anyway, not much for the mobile market myself. It seems inevitable, but I'll resist the change! In the end I suppose, technology will get to the point that shrinking, streamlining, and reducing the power requirements of hardware will be the main thing people look for in new components. We're already seeing efficiency over horsepower this generation I think. Aren't the 7000 series Radeon GPUs supposed to be more about that?

The heck is the second thing on the last page? Looks like a naked speaker being supported by an orange stand-chain combo? Also, BOOTH BABES! XD
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Supernova1332 Jan 20, 12
Cideko has made my dream controller. Although I hope there's an optional disable keyboard button, could easily bump the small buttons.

The Ice Dragon case would be perfect camouflage for an HTPC. "Ah, I see you've noticed my dragon statue. But wait there's more! It's actually my bad ass beast of a computer!. *Rips away front cover*." Awe ensues. Their cable management needs some work
Pretty damn good development with their additive though, 20% isn't something to scoff at when it comes to cooling, especially liquid.

Giada using a thin blower style heatsink on a low power cpu... How hasn't this caught on on some consumer boards? Seems like a no-brainer for thin, fairly quiet atom/brazos setups. And them joining in with custom gpu heatsinks is exciting even though it would be nice to see the designs on both Nvidia and ATI cards.
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