CES 2012 Day 1 Coverage Review - PAGE 2

- Monday, January 16th, 2012 Like (1) Share

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Shadow of Death Jan 17, 12
I'm interested in seeing where Zotac is going with its cooling fluid, and I want to find out just how well that mini orange heatsink thingamabob will improve CPU cooling, because 70* feels rather high for such an expensive cooling solution (though only having to replace it twice a decade is pretty impressive. A lot of us will just move on to a new rig by then anyway). I know that's the temp without the benefit of any sort of heatsink, but again it just seems a bit hot for a high efficiency cooling fluid.

I'm somewhat interested in trying my hand at converting an aquarium to support liquid cooling a computer for my next rig. I likely wouldn't do it though, since I'm all thumbs when it comes to putting this stuff together. I can dream though >_>

Fractal Designs seems interesting. Never heard of them before, but silent cases work for me. I fold a lot these days (though whether I'll be doing so a couple years from now is another matter), and the noise is irritating since the computer is near my bed >_> I'd need the Core 3000 or something similar though, since I use more than 2 HDDs in my rigs XD

The perspectives used for the camera shots of the Deep Cool fans made them seem humungous to me (like the size of side panels), at first XD
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H_Jager Jan 18, 12
Shadow of Death
Zotac's liquid cooled display was quite interesting. I do think that the addition of the heatsink would have done wonders for the cooling performance. I say this because the cooling action stems solely from the fluid being able to boil, thus removing the heat. With a bare CPU interface there is not that much surface area or nucleation zones for the boiling action to stem from. With their orange heatsink coated with a very thin layer of diamond dust, the sheer amount of nucleation points was exponentially increased. If you think about it the GPU core, which in my experience, outputs just as much or more thermal energy than a CPU. Since their heatsink + special coolant brought that bad boy down to ~45
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