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- Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 Like Share

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Supernova1332 Apr 5, 11
~850mhz, 800sp's, 40 tmu's, 16 rops, 256-bit bus, ~1.35 Tflops.... sounds familiar to me. Other than the featureset of the 68xx cards, including dx 11, it's just about the same as the 4890, with an increased memory clock and lowered power consumption. The naming scheme seems to have less to do with what chip it's using, not to mention naming this the 6830 would be very misleading as it's just about as powerful as a 5830.
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Gravity Apr 6, 11
I think it just means they are close to pushing the 6x series to the low end to let them shut the door on the 5x series.

Think if I was planning on selling a 5830 or 5770 the time would be now.
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