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AMD Radeon HD 7950 CrossFire & TriFire Review - PAGE 3

- Thursday, February 2nd, 2012 Like Share

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Shadow of Death Feb 7, 12
Seems a good card, but like I figured TriFire is by and large not worth the extra moolah. Crossfire would be where it's at if you have a grand to throw down on the GPU side of a rig. Good performance for wattage though (at least when you consider crossfire).
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hiigaran Feb 9, 12
after two cards, additional cards are never worth it.

one thing that bugs me about neoseeker reviews is the fact that the actual power consumption of the card itself is not recorded. for nvidia cards, its not a problem, as i can find the info on google in a snap, but AMD cards are a real bitch to find that kind of information on. for a computer builder, it would be more important to know what the card power consumption is, rather than that of the entire system.
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hbn Feb 9, 12
I'm somewhat surprised that the 6990 beat a single 7950. I know that the 90 is the top range of the 69xx series but I would've thought that the new architecture would've been better. Mind you, considering that power consumption, heat and general cost would be lower, I guess it would be worth it.

I suppose one of the problems with crossfire is that not all games are optimised for it, thus in most cases the extra cost would not be worth it.

Perhaps I'm somewhat expecting too much of AMD, but after the initial issues with the bulldozer CPUs, AMD really could do with this card scoring high, considering that Intel and nVidia perform better in benchmarks. I know a benchmark score might not always translate into good gaming performance, but it seems to be one of the main selling points.
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Supernova1332 Feb 9, 12
The new architecture seems to be targeted mainly at improving tessellation and gpgpu number crunching, the shader ALU's themselves aren't very different from what they were before.

As for Bulldozer it sold very well despite the reviews. E-tailers are still having a hard time keeping them in stock even though production yields are said to be pretty good.

TPU does the card only power tests and seem fairly consistent to the neo power consumption if you factor in the other parts.

Does Chris happen to have an Eyefinity setup he can throw these three cards at for benching? Doesn't need to be anything official or testing the other cards but when you hit 60fps+ on nearly all the benches at 2560x1600 it makes it look kinda funny.

The fps on Metro is interesting though, the game has scaled well with tri and quad fire from other reviews I've seen, albeit older generation cards, so I'm wondering if it's bad crossfire support for this gen in the game or it's finally hitting it's single threaded cpu limitation?
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chautemoc Feb 12, 12
I believe Bulldozer performance is significantly improved since a recent Windows update. We should have an article measuring it soon.
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ashantiqua Feb 20, 12
damn impressive performance yields. looks legit.

any microstuttering, or goofy times with drivers, like for a particular game performance wasnt great right out of the gate, and you needed a hotfix?

also ive never really thought about it, but say you have 3 cards in trifire, each with 1gb of vram. does that effectively give you 3gb of vram, kinda like raid0? does the effective bandwidth also follow in suit? or would you just be stuck with 1gb, as if you only were using one card?
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