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- Tuesday, August 27th, 2002 Like Share

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cool3Dman Aug 27, 02
Too bad. Hey, at least you did reached the semis, don't you ?

Well, there's always next year !

Chill out !!
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Wolfwood Aug 27, 02
Sorry to hear you didn't make it into finals, SCSI. But at least it sounded like you had a good time, and as long as you gave the others in the eye while being laid low, then you've still got your dignity. Look at this way, at least you don't have a Radeon 9700 you and your teammates have to fight over for possession now. You know that ain't gonna pretty.

MMM, 9700... worth more than my entire PC setup...
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KFC_Or_Bust Aug 27, 02
You got to meet the DoD creators?! Damn man your lucky as hell! I love that game, I wanna meet them and kick their asses in it.
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Scarchelli Aug 28, 02
Lol, you guys probably did great, and your lucky enough you met all those guys. Are you guys going to go next year?
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Andyc Oct 11, 02
Thats some good pics in that article there. Once my CS team get some pratice we will be the next world champion's
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