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- Wednesday, August 7th, 2002 Like Share

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drsnooker Aug 7, 02
This might be a stupid question but do the CPUs still have to be unlocked for changing the cpu multiplier to work?
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TomToo Dec 16, 11
I know its been quite a while, but I thought this would be the best thing, because my bios has absolutely no flexibility. I tried it and my computer had an immediate error from RAM timing changes and wouldnt boot anymore. It kept blue screening with an error while loading XP. I tried to hold CTRL and that did not help. Eventually it seemed to come back to life, but diskcheck came up and before I realized it, it started checking the C drive and said it was deleting corrupt files then it froze. I had just run a check on the drive last week. So now the drive is dead too. It was an U320 SCSI boot drive, so I am now loading windows on an IDE.

I was just wondering if there is something else could do to recover if XP wont finish booting after a modifiaction? The guide kept saying Windows would not save the settings and would boot.

Has anyone gotten much flexibility to work on their 760MP boards with this?

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