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Longhorn Graphics Req's, VIA's Setup Box- WinHEC 2004 Coverage - PAGE 4

- Thursday, May 6th, 2004 Like Share

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metamorph May 8, 04
*bleep* microsoft. How dare they fuel an industry that churns out computers for the sake of, rather than out of any actual need-
all america's computer waste gets dumped in the third world, where it gets 'recycled' by people without adequeate safety procedures, who often develop lung and breathing problems as a result.
This is just pathetic. If its one thing the industry doesn't need, its an operating system which worries about your *bleep*ing frame rate.
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Ace May 10, 04
microsoft is just listening to feedback from consumers. pauses and slow response are frustrating to people. performance qualifying computers is a good idea to remove this.

microsoft isnt to blame regarding the lack of ethics in computer disposal. if it bothers you that much and you can complain here, write a letter to your senator/member of parliament or whoever and get something done about it.
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Redemption May 10, 04
Although I think Longhorn's GUI capabilities is superfluous and not as relevant to useability and ergonomics as they would like you to think, I think the GUI will lead to some potentially innovative use of presentation.

Off topic:

Disposal of computers is also partly a consumer responsibility. Ace and I were talking the other day about how motherboards should be properly disposed, and basically nobody does it.
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