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- Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 Like (2) Share

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Dark Dom Jun 9, 10
So that's where you went! I'm so jealous. Good article though, it's like you were a kid in a candy shop eh? :3

Surprised that things actually remained the same price to be honest! I figured if you were in the capital of hardware, you'd see some pretty big discounts compared to what you're used to. Shame that isn't the case, but it looks like you had fun anyway. =)

booth babes
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ParanahJoe Jun 9, 10
Looks like loads of fun.
Looking forward to part 2 & 3.
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Gravity Jun 12, 10
Ok I am really impressed and happy with your article. I definitely am peaked now for the Dark Fleet series by Antec.

Also like when you pulled into the open air chassis it was nice to capture the open air chassis of the attendant as well lol...

Good job, has anyone seen these videos? C'mon pip up.

3 cheers...
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