: : : A quick look at CrossFire performance: Catalyst 8.7 & Vista

A quick look at CrossFire performance: Catalyst 8.7 & Vista - PAGE 1

- Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008 Like Share

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KTE Jul 26, 08
quote kspiess
Today we take a look at Catalyst 8.7 performance in Vista, including a HD 4870 (*2) setup .

Thanks for the article. I experienced immense problems with Cat 8.7 from 8.4 to 8.6 on 3 new systems and OSes and 8 older ones with a mixture of XP and Vista, with 790FX, 770 and 780G onboard and external GPU setups. There is something majorly wrong with this release (a severe bug) as the errors would just appear so random and screw up the total OS, even the net connection (winsock not found). Even reverting and uninstalling was such a daunting and lengthy procedure requiring days of trail and testing.

The error you listed I have received before and I went through the same pains
With both of mine, it was just one small old file in the Windows directory (User and My Documents/<User>/) which once deleted removed this error totally. Nothing else worked but I have problems recollecting what file exactly until I see a setup and check the directories to refresh.

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Iceguy2003 Jul 27, 08
That's odd. I was always fond of ATI's drivers. Now, ATI is beginning to disappoint me. I got an HD3850 AGP for my PC, and in some games, I get minor graphical glitches now. I never had a single problem with my previous 7600GT.
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