Unstoppable Gorg PC Review - PAGE 1

- Wednesday, January 25th, 2012 Like Share

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Shadow of Death Jan 25, 12
I'll give it a shot eh? I like Tower Defense games well enough after all.

Wouldn't have known there was any relation to the same people who made Shattered Horizons though, very different games and graphics, and target market even >_>
0 thumbs!
FM_Murqs Feb 15, 12
Thanks to Neoseeker for a great review, we are glad you liked the game!

We just recently released free demo versions of the game for PC and MAC. Anyone interested should try them out. You can get it from steam or straight from:
PC demo: http://www.unstoppablegorg.com/get/pcdemo
MAC demo: http://www.unstoppablegorg.com/get/macdemo

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