Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Xbox 360 Review - PAGE 1

- Monday, August 27th, 2012 Like (3) Share (1)

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Storm Aug 27, 12
Great review! Thoroughly enjoyed this game. Whilst I was disappointed in the removal of the co-op campaign feature (which led me to replaying War for Cybertron multiple times), I did appreciate the set pieces, special character-themes, etc., that each stage brought out for the single player experience. The pacing for the story is really something, each chapter getting better and better, all leading up to XIII in all its glory and chaos. I couldn't take care of my housework Wednesday evening because this game's stages just progressively got more interesting.

And by god does the game look beautiful. Wonderful lighting and animations. I heard the PC version got the care it deserved (and that's the version I've been playing it on), further polishing the game.

I'd hop on some multiplayer but Guild Wars 2 is calling. Will definitely get around to it, though!
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walnuts Aug 27, 12
Awesomesauce review RabidChinaGirl, and I'd agree with the 9/10. Whilst the campaign is excellent, multiplayer on the PC has been plagued with problems :/ I can only play one game mode consistently (Conquest), Team Deathmatch and Escalation sporadically and Capture the Flag and Headhunter are just simply unavailable to me! There are also a few bugs once you get in to the game itself, such as countdown timers going in to negative territory and whatnot. Once you're in a mutliplayer game it's great, but that's the difficult part :/

Only about halfway through the campaign, throughly enjoying every second of it. Will be doing a massive screenshot dump once I've finished the campaign.
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Mister MacPhisto Aug 29, 12
The movies made the money though, which is what Hasbro cares about. And several enjoyed the immensely, but whatever.

Not sure if I'd call the campaign on this one shorter. War had 10 chapters overall in the campaign. 5 for each side. Fall has what? 13? Not all the same length though. Not like I'm going to clock a playthrough of each to check.
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