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ShadowJ Jun 22, 12
Sorry I have to disagree with the review, firstly MMO's shouldn't really be reviewed certainly not by your lonesome

TERA is great co-op and in guilds but of course it depends on who you are with. I play with two to three good friends, we have a blast and we play our roles. I generally play Mystic so I will heal rather than attack. One friend plays Lancer, he will generally take aggro from enemies, another will play sorcerer so he will deal the major damage via magical means and another friend will play Berzerker, a more physical damage dealer.

The game can be played solo but some classes just can't cut it. Most quests in fact force you to play in parties (Usually the ones requesting to take down BAMs and huge monsters/bosses) in fact TERA is the first MMO I have ever played solo, I rock a level 32 Warrior and a level 42 Mystic and usually play my Warrior more so with one friend.

Name a MMO where you never or hardly grind. Grinding is a MMO mechanic and to be honest TERA does it differently to other MMOs. Instead of grinding monsters, you grind quests and there's a lot of them and many places to go and visit. Sure if you play multiple characters the first levels of 1-30 will be repetitive but after that the whole game allows you to choose where to go, you will have different plot quests to follow, whereas some MMOs force you to go to certain areas even if a new area opens up.

PvP is supported but some features aren't implemented yet or they have had issues that they are working out. At the moment you can request duels in PvE servers against people and there are specific PvP servers (Unfortunately they seem to be having issues every week or so but they are quick to resolve them)

Furthermore, the "Battlegrounds" are on their way, so the review is premature.

TERA's community is actually quite nice, there are certainly more people out there that will help you than assholes

Costumes and the oversexualisation...meh I''ve seen worse, Soul Calibur being one of them or even that ninja game that allowed you to jiggle boobs with the Six-axis. Furthermore it's Korean...the Korean version has the Elin race wearing no underwear, EU and US versions have them wearing underwear thank god.

The game certainly doesn't deserve a 10 but it doesn't deserve a 6 either. It seems the media have always undermined MMOs because they always seem to play them alone/solo. In other words, if you are going into a MMO with the mindset of "I don't want to grind, I want to play alone" then you aren't going to enjoy it.

I guarantee that if you find 4 nice and helpful people or friends and sit down with TERA, you will enjoy it more

By the way please do not take this to heart, I'm just pointing out some things that someone who has actually put some time into TERA can point out
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Crafter Jun 22, 12
I more or less agree, but I'm personally having a lot of fun with TERA. There's no contest between this and TOR for me. I personally found TOR very boring. It seemed to be the reverse of TERA in some aspects actually, where the quests were somewhat deep but the world was completely devoid of substance and the combat was something very familiar watered down.

On the topic of the quests, 90% of all MMO players just spam accept quests without reading anything just to levelcap as quickly as possible. I'm not saying that makes TERA's quests fine, as I personally like some meat to my quests, but it doesn't affect a LOT of people.

I think it might be a little unfair to only point out the sexualization of the females in TERA, the males are very extreme too. Look at the bulky and extremely masculine Human and Amani males, and the pretty-boy High Elves and Castanic. Like many parts of this game, it's an aspect of Korean MMOs that happens to be fairly different than what we might be used to.


quote bluexy
As the other "tank" class in the game, the Lancer holds a sword (LANCE*) and shield and rather than dodge attacks through movement he simply presses a button and blocks attacks. As is the nature of MMOs, this sort of reliable, non-moving tank became the preferred – nay, only acceptable tanking class in difficult dungeons. Lancers were safer, thus requiring less preparation for encounters, resulting in less risk of defeat.
I play a Lancer and one of the things any good lancer is infuriated by is people saying "all you have to do is stand there and block". While your Warrior may have to bounce around and move the boss to stay alive, Lancer's simply don't have that option with our extremely limited mobility. There are boss attacks that cleave right through block or have such a large impact radius that they hit behind you as well and break your block. Some AoE's are unblockable and we have no abilities to reliably escape with. Lancers also have very little damage output and must have very good timing to keep aggro on anything. To succeed, a Lancer must use block just like a Warrior uses dodge- only at the last possible moment and for as little time as possible. Lancers need to be hammering the boss at every opportunity to stand a chance at maintaining threat vs. that sorceress. /rant

It's not perfect, but I find a lot of fun in TERA. I think it will dep[end a lot on what you like in an MMO. You have to work for your fun here; nothing is handed to you on an epic covered gold platter.
I'd give it a 7-7.5/10.
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bluexy Jun 22, 12
Thanks for the feedback ShadowJ & Crafter.

OnShadowJ's points:

I'd probably say I spent 75% of my playtime in a party with a close group of friends I play MMOs with. It wasn't that I didn't get to play in parties, it was that I found solo play to be much more enjoyable. Group play actually felt inhibition to the enjoyment I found in solo combat. It was like they constrained what was viable in a group for balance, which was disappointing to me.

You're 100% right, grinding is in every MMO and it sucks. I wish I had another MMO review up on Neo, but it would have a similar discussion as in this one. I just don't like it, and my reviews reflect that. Rift and Warhammer Online, I think, did the best to break up quest grinding monotony -- still needs improvement.

I like the PvP in TERA. The future is bright with regards to anything Bluehole can do to encourage more of it, such as Battlegrounds. If I get the chance I'll try and do a patch review or update of some kind in the future.

In regards to oversexualization, I'm comfortable with how I discussed it... though at time I think I shouldn't have mentioned it at all in the review. It affected my experience playing the game, and so I felt like it wouldn't be honest of me to avoid the topic.


You're right about my Lancer points. It was a generalization on my end which didn't properly capture the complexities of the class. My intention was more to show my dismay at Warriors being the less acceptable tank, and if that came off as dismissive towards the skill it takes to play a lance I apologize. It was disappointing for me to join groups with Lancers, however, as it did change the gameplay for me personally -- largely for the worse.

A lot of gamers will absolutely find much more to enjoy in TERA than I did, and you're right in that you have to work for it. I stand by my statement that this is the best and worst MMO this year, a duality I'm sure makes it very difficult for people to agree on its qualities.
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Danger Jun 23, 12
Nice review and great to see some different opinions as this is a game I've recently been looking at it, I'm on a bit of a MMORPG craze atm and Tera has struck me as one I should definitely try. Definitely one of the sharpest looking MMOs in a while, just need to hope I find the gameplay as equally impressive.
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techTHM Jun 23, 12
Nice review. Thanks for sharing.
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Crafter Jun 23, 12
Danger, I'm pretty sure there's a free trial for TERA now but I'm not sure how long it goes for. The game doesn't really get started until just after 20 so you might have to reserve judgement a little bit.

The game really is quite sharp looking. There's so much detail in all the armour pieces and the world that I can't even look at WoW textures anymore. I play on highest detail @ 5760x1080 and it just looks amazing.

5760x1080 screenshot (shrinks too much to directly post)
5760x1080 screenshot (I walked across the world for this one, you'd better click it!

Armour detail on a Baraka:

Pics got a little grainy because I had to shrink them down from like 15MB but they still look pretty good :/

bluexy, Ahh, fond memories of Doorhammer... The PvP was so much fun (most of the time). It's a shame the game engine was pretty broken, making more precise PvP sketchy and PvE an exercise in frustration
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bluexy Jun 23, 12
Crafter Those are awesome screenshots man! PIRATE BARAKA IS THE BEST BARAKA.
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Raijin1999 Jun 23, 12
God ******* **** it, I wish I could stop bleeding money and save for 'that PC gaming rig' i've been planning to get for the last decade.

Going to have to get serious about piecing one together. Thanks for the reviews! If it helps, i'm kicking myself for missing out.
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Danger Jun 23, 12
Cheers for the feedback Crafter, much appreciated and those screenshots make it look even more epic! Nice one.

I feel your pain Raijin1999, my last proper "gaming build" PC was around 2006 and I've only upgraded bits here and there over the years, it still handles recent games on medium-high (apart from the notorious system destroying games). My latest upgrade was the budget Radeon HD 6670, which has turned out to be an amazing bit of kit for the price. Currently putting away some cash for the future "beast" though.
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Raijin1999 Jun 23, 12
That's the thing. I'm more of a software guy and not hardware. Completely lost on pc building, aside from the very basics. Like... taking it apart and putting it back together - that I can do. Try to explain what does what and the thing just catches fire and somewhere an angel loses its wings for no raisin.

Stupid old vaio came with a 32mb GeForce 2. That old. Haven't had a good gaming pc in forever. Gonna bug yous guys when I get to building one.
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VeGiTAX2 Jun 23, 12
quote ShadowJ
By the way please do not take this to heart, I'm just pointing out some things that someone who has actually put some time into TERA can point out
Just wanted to circle this out specifically, we put Rory on TERA at launch for the game, this wasn't just something we had him crank out over a weekend for the site. When we put down MMO reviews it's usually with at least 3-4 weeks of time invested into the game, as a result we make sure they cover the full experience of the actual retail game instead of running on impressions from the beta and so on.

The methodology allows us to provide fuller reviews based on the launch and patches following it before delivering a final blow that might be premature. I noticed you pointed out this

Furthermore, the "Battlegrounds" are on their way, so the review is premature.
Unfortunately we've been running that review since launch, calling the review premature is a bit of a stretch as it means we should hold off on all verdicts until the developer felt they finally nailed it after x amount of months / years after launch. Just like in SWTOR we did come back though for additional feature input when 1.2 hit and I don't think anyone would stonewall bluexy from pursuing a new piece after a future major update hits the game.

Clearing the air on this as I don't think it's fair to assume so much of a review without actually inquiring first with the author before that as the assumptions of strictly going at it alone were false. We're not all going to agree on games or ratings but it doesn't mean everyone jumps the gun out of the gate.

Added note: Most of our reviews also happen after the author has reached the level cap or has closed in near it and started exploring other avenues. We do play the games.
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ShadowJ Jun 23, 12
Ok thanks for clearing things up VeGiTAX2 though from reading the review and picking up on the things I did, it felt like a solo play/Not enough time put into the game to give it a fair review. In other words I feel the review is a little on the harsh side.

I'm not a MMO player but I know the concepts, mindsets and basis of MMOs. My Tera experience has been with 3-5 friends, 2 I previously worked with, 1 I met online and his friend. Unfortunately the latter 2 haven't renewed their subscriptions but for a month we would spend 5-6 hours every night playing without fail. We never felt the "grinding" effects and pretty much just stayed in a party to ourselves...unless we play with 3-4 of us then we would actually grab a 4th or 5th person for dungeons/instances.

In the second month one friend became busy mainly because he is one of the EU community managers for Tera itself, so sadly he can't always get time to play the game he manages but when it is just myself and another friend, we do find friendly faces to jump into dungeons with.

As mentioned before and like Bluexy I do find the game more compelling when playing solo but then again rolling as a Warrior will get you more friendly people in a party since they are the main DPS class, same with Lancer except they are loved for being a tank, however playing solo as a Mystic has its consequences...you can't really damage enemies that well unless they are the normal enemies or creatures...party enemies or BAMs well you can forget solo'ing them like you would with a warrior

Over-sexualisation of characters is nothing new really, sometimes I do believe developers (especially of Korean and Japanese origin) do tend to compete in "who can show the most skin" contests but it's been done for many years and so it is just something in every day life...though I do tend to want to kick an Elin or Popori

Overall I would give Tera a 7 or 8, it has its flaws but I think it does well to draw attention from them with the more positives it has.

Edit: Just noticed the mentioning of a trial...I believe it is for 7 days and it does have certain restrictions, such as will be capped at level 15 etc. That's as much as I can remember at the moment.

Also a pic of my mystic meditating

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Crafter Jun 24, 12
ShadowJ, You fit right in with those fatties!

I got an email last night regarding the Free Trial. Apparently they have an "instant demo" that doesn't even need installation as well as a 7 day trial.

quote TERA trial FAQ
The TERA Trial is good for 7 calendar days from the time you enter your trial code. You can level up to 8 characters to level 23 on one server during the trial. Once a character reaches level 23, its a great time to try different race or class!

You can convert your free trial to a paid subscription at the En Masse store and continue on with your characters. But if you have fear of commitment, we'll keep your characters waiting for you.
There are some restrictions but nothing terrible.

I also have a code for 25% off TERA, good until the 30th of June. If anyone could use it, feel free to PM me and it's yours.

Edit: LOL, I completely forgot about this video, showcasing all there is to TERA
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