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- Sunday, May 23rd, 2010 Like Share

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Vector May 21, 10
A great review, I agree with all points made except the one about the controls.

I LOVE the flick system and unless it's undergone a drastic change from Skate 2 I assume I still will. While I enjoyed a whole lot of other skateboarding games they were all far too easy. Flicking just seems a little more skillful, making that moment when you hit that line you've been trying to get for half an hour oh so much sweeter.

To each his own etc etc.

Can't wait to get this game.
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kik36 May 21, 10
quote Vector
I LOVE the flick system
Thanks for sharing your input Vector. I definitely agree that the flick control requires quite a bit of skill. I think we both agree that it's really user preference. I think with a lot more practice I could get the flick skill down.

Unfortunately for me, old habits die hard and I find myself automatically reverting back to the older Tony Hawk controls mid-way through tricks sometimes. Shame on my muscle memory!!
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tekmosis May 21, 10
Black Box <3

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Prodigy May 22, 10
The controls are the best part about the Skate series. One of the main reasons why it is so much better than Tony Hawk.
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Province May 22, 10
Can't blame you for reverting back to Tony Hawk days, god those games rocked prior to wasteland :'(

Well you've sold me, I may wait a few days/week to see if the online improves net wise but I'll be picking this up eventually. Nice review mate!
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