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- Monday, August 17th, 2009 Like Share

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1.Worst. Date. Ever.
2.Worth Every Penny & Then Some
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ThrombosisJones Aug 17, 09

10 hours is pretty good for an XBLA game. Hell, a chunk of retail games only last that long.

If I could play it armed with the foam gun all game long so my three year-old wouldn't get traumatized, I'd definitely grab it.

0 thumbs!
Storm Aug 20, 09
This game is so bloody addicting. I haven't played many games for hours on end in one sitting, especially not a DLC game, but Shadow Complex is a different story. Decent plot, great platforming/action, little bit of puzzles here and there, graphics are on-par with some of the regular games of today, and even has a few themes to keep with the mood of where you are.

It's well worth the $15 everyone.
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