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- Monday, July 16th, 2001 Like Share

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Samsung Jul 17, 01
Great review

Would it be ok to link to your site from Samsung's website?

By the way, the price is now around $599-$699 and there is a $50 rebate going (on the site it says $1200

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Entity Jul 17, 01

Sure that is fine to link the review from Samsung's site.

Thanks for the update on the price.

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JingHola Oct 10, 02
Hi, I just bought a Samsung 150MP and notice it is alittle different from what is usually described and shown in the various test reviews of it. In the old original reports it mentions that the 150MP has the electronic/capacitive type touch buttons on its front panel but my new unit (manufacture date Sept. 2002) does not have these electro touch sensitive buttons. Instead it has regular old push button switches. I also notice that my latest newer units rear audio and video RCA jacks layout is a new design and layed out a bit differently than the original earlier versions of the 150MP. And, instead of the old remote control (with limited range and beeps?) I got the newer remote control that comes with the newer 171MP and 151MP units. Also not all the cable accessories were included in my brand new 150MP box. I did not get any RCA audio cables nor a S-video cable. I did not get an PAL-NTSC converter plug either shown in some older test reports and in their older documentation.
My unit does have one stuck "on" pixel always showing color blue on darker scenes and unfortunately right smack dab in the upper middle portion of the screen where it is very noticeable (dang!).
Other than these observations and the one pixel defect, I am happy with its overall performance. It is not as good picture-wise as the newest and larger 171MP (which I also bought and have) but it is decent nevertheless.

So if someone could tell me if there was indeed a change or modification made to the 150MP latest batch of units as compared to the older original issue units, I'd much appreciated it. And tell me what the main differences are.
Are the newer units a watered down cost cutting version of the older unit? If so, I need to know fast so that I can go exchange my newer (made in Sept 2002) unit for an older (made in March 2002) unit to get the more expensive older technology... mine does not have the nice capacitive electro touch sensitive buttons on the front panel!
BTW, I bought it from Office Depot for $549 + tax with a $100 rebate offer. I have not sent in for the rebate yet in anticipation that I might have to return this unit for a better one without a stuck pixel in the middle of the screen. Fast responses needed! I have only a week left to decide what to do... keep it, echange it, or return it for refund.
I would aprreciate an answer(s) from Samsung themselves if you are still monitoring these forums...!
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mcadamsj Feb 3, 13
I have a Samsung Syncmaster 150MP & it works fine however the Screen Surround has cracked in several places. Is there a replacement for this Model or even a 17" would be OK
The only thing they can tell me in NZ is that it is 10x years old.................I already knew that!!!
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