Resident Evil 6 Xbox 360 Review - PAGE 1

- Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 Like (1) Share

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haalyle Oct 30, 12
I'm going to write a review on this game, telling my experiences and what I thought.
I loved it, got it on PS3, and I loved every bit of it!
So, you wait, I'm going to write my review, after the draft.
0 thumbs!
Aragorn Vzla Oct 30, 12
Finally after finishing all the campaigns I have to strongly disagree with this review, in no way this is an unpleasant experience worthy of such a low score, it's not a survival horror game either but it's not as flawed as lots of people are saying.

Edit: also this is completely false and shows the reviewer isn't clear about at least some mechanics of the game.

quote Lydia Sung
Having to press A just to scale a couple feet seems unnecessary, even jarring if you’re coming out of a dash or in the middle of a fight
When you are dashing all the mandatory action prompts to do stuff like climb ladders or jump over tables are done automatically.
Last edited by Aragorn Vzla :: Oct 30, 12
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