Pokémon White (DS) Review - PAGE 1

- Sunday, March 6th, 2011 Like (1) Share

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Fauve Mar 8, 11
The thing is though, it's not nearly as bad as the author makes it out to be. New Pokemon, places, events, and everything else happen in every game, so why whine about it? The new Triple Battles are a lot of fun and had in a whole new level of strategy to Pokemon games that was never before needed. The new pokemon also rival the original 151. Completly new. It takes hours taking the time to learn all the new names and moves of the new pokemon. Not to mention their weaknesses and strong points.
Overall, the Unova region is a considerable upgrade compared to the Sinnoh which was awful over all. The only thing I have a problem with is the bag set up. And that's just because it's new. I hated the SoulSilver touch screen when it came out but I've grown so used to it I prefer it now. The C-Gear isn't that bad. It makes connecting with your friends even easier than it used to be. And for nothing else than it looks kinda cool. Plus can turn it off. The author must have not read all the instructions for it.
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Reenee Mar 8, 11
quote The Masterman
Plus can turn it off. The author must have not read all the instructions for it.
Poor choice of words, actually. My apologies. What I meant to say was it couldn't be swapped out for something like the Poketch or PokeGear. I'll clear that up.
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chautemoc Mar 12, 11
The review has been updated to reflect some reader and editorial concerns on balancing positive and negative coverage. We'll make every effort to ensure this won't be necessary again.
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