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- Friday, August 3rd, 2001 Like Share

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-=V00D00=- Aug 3, 01
Interesting review by Daryl, but I'm curious to know how OCZ feels about it. According to them their 3.8ns RAM is rated ABOVE the 515Mhz that the card is running so it is actually running within the recommended spec and NOT overclocked as others are suggesting. I read a post by an OCZ PR person just a couple of days ago on this matter. It would certainly explain the stability and thermal properties of this card. I just bought one for that reason. Good review overall though...
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DarthBinky Aug 3, 01
You're right. The memory speed is NOT overclocked. They're just using higher quality RAM that what the other cards ship with. Technically it's underclocked (using 526 MHz memory running at 515). Only the core is overclocked. The article that was posted here is definitely misleading and should be adjusted so as to not misinform any readers.
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clueless Aug 5, 01
what I wanted to see was how
THIS card compares to other GeForce 3 Cards

I have read enough GeForce Reviews
I want to know
1. improved 2d filters (are they really)
2. speed improvements core increases does it work
3. can I push this card even further ?
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kj1ca Aug 11, 01
Cool review and some nicely wicked ram.
Now if only I could afford one, I would be really happy!!!!!!
600.00 plus tax Canadian is just way out of my league.
Maybe I can afford one when they are 2 years old and used.
Anyway cool review!!!!!
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