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- Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010 Like Share

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1.The Anti-Hero's Return
2.The UAA Creed
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DXD Feb 2, 10
This doesn't look too bad at all.

But I'd have to purchase NMH1 if ever I should think of purchasing this title.

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RabidChinaGirl Feb 2, 10
Yay, Dany, our new Wii reviewer.
The first game was great, though I stopped part-way, now waiting for the 360 port.
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Wolfwood Feb 5, 10
I got the first game when it came out, but set it aside for the longest time. Finally got around to seriously playing it and ended up finishing it the day I got the sequel. The review is right on the money, the sequel definitely streamlined the experience, but the experience itself was still worth sitting through.

Kinda wish you still had the chance to play with Jeane some more after you get her down the "healthy" weight and unlock the special katana move. Once you do, you can't play with her anymore, even in subsequent playthroughs.

I was a fan of Margaret's music track too, if that's what the reviewer meant by that particular rank battle BGM (though Margaret was rank 4, I believe). And yes, everyone hated the final boss this time around.
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Reenee Feb 5, 10
Yup, I was talking about "Philistine". Got my ranks mixed up though. =\ Forgot about Captain Vladamir.
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