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- Tuesday, March 20th, 2001 Like Share

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harold Jun 2, 01
I recently purchased a samsung ml 6060 printer for my spouses home based business. It worked fine with Office Suite programs but it would not print Quickbooks files. After a lot of struggles I found the problem to be in the settings. I just had to turn off the true type fonts. I have read of people returning this printer because it would not print and I assume it was a similar problem. We really like the printer now that we got past that hurdle.
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HomeUser5274b Nov 25, 03
These printers are still around (as of Nov 2003). They are end-of-line, have not been manufactured for a while, but they still turn up at shops, usually with a good discount.
Recently, I picked one up for a hair more than the price of the Samsung low end printers. The ML-1710 might push out more pages per minute, but I know which one I'd rather have.

After a few weeks, I did not have any problems. Prints beautifully and I love the large tray which takes a whole ream of paper. Installation was dead simple. It's quiter then any of my old inkjets (HP, Lexmark). A small warning: they may say it is a "1200 dpi class" printer, but it only does 1200 in postscript mode (I'm quite sure but get more info if it's important for you). I don't care, print quality is good, anyway.

Alternatively, get the ML-1450 for a bit more dough. It's a current model but it is virtually identical to the 6060.
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