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- Friday, November 3rd, 2000 Like Share

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Bob Meushaw Mar 7, 01
Thanks for your review on the Monsoon MH-500. I was wondering if there were other speakers in the same price range that you would recommend over them?

Also, I was wondering where you found the $59 price for them that you mentioned? Thanks.

Bob Meushaw

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Ether Mar 7, 01
Hi Robert.

I did the same search as I always do for articles.

The URL is here:


Unfortunately, the prices are now a lot higher . That's a shame, because at $59 the speakers are killer!

You might also consider getting a pair of BA635's if you are really interested in a low cost speaker that sounds great.


Make sure you do your research though, because the BA635's sound great but they are also small and the subwoofer does not carry a huge bass. The MH500 definitely has more bass then the 635s, and they look cooler too. You can find info on the BA635 here:

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Tom Bl May 8, 07
I'm looking for parts to repair an MH-500. There is a bad voice coil in my left speaker, so I need to replace the mid-range speaker component.

Many of these were sold with new Compaq Presario computers in 2002.
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Ron Williams Sep 24, 09
I need the cable that goes from the from amplifier to the computer.

Ron Williams
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