Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Xbox 360 Review - PAGE 1

- Tuesday, February 19th, 2013 Like Share

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1.Cuts Shallow, But Leaves Its Mark
2.Diverse Cast, Yet Lacking Character
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Spook Feb 19, 13
"...everyone is getting their hand in the other's cookie jar and no one is getting exactly what they want out of it."

That's how I've felt about this since the initial announcement, except I always think of Jelly Belly's. All those flavors, but there's always a bad taste or two in the bunch, depending on what you like.

I love Platinum's work though, so I'll have to give this a try sometime, just because.
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IMercuryI Feb 22, 13
I'm not really into the war games, thats my brother's speciality. xD i prefer RPG and Fantasy etc. Might tell him about this game, but the flaws and a terrible story might put him off. Meh... IDK He might love it.
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Shinobi_razor Feb 22, 13
i played the demo and loved the living crap out of it. does it have a good story? not sure since i only played the demo but likely not. does it have good characters? not really, Raiden's still kinda whiny. will it win GOTY? definitely not. does it have insane, over the top, kickass balls to the wall gameplay that leaves you feeling like a complete and total BAMF?


sometimes, you really just need a game like this.
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