F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Review - PAGE 1

- Friday, February 20th, 2009 Like Share

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zayden Feb 19, 09
for some reason in interval 3 after the snipers and i must meet at 4th treet or something,i go down the stairs and into the alley. i cannot jump up or and advance. like i am hvering or a glitch. driving me flippin nuts. any suggestions?
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Mazda Feb 19, 09
go down the stairs out into the court yard then turn 90 degrees and look back at the building, there should be another red door, go through this and folllow it to another door and then you cant get out on to the street i think.
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ShinobiDyne Feb 19, 09
Overall the review was spot on. But I found one thing I completely disagree with and I'm sure other F.E.A.R veterans will.

quote Review
I would like applaud the folks at Monolith for listening to the fans -- not only of F.E.A.R, but of the FPS genre in general. They did many things right here, and they laid down something that is worth digging into for hours on end. F.E.A.R 2 has some claws that'll come out of your monitor and grab your brain, holding you captive for some seriously intense gaming sessions.

Alot of the fans were disappointed how the games difficulty level was toned down from the original. That was one of the main reasons F.E.A.R was scary, because it was hard.

Imo. I didn't think the game was scary at all, yes there were some jumpy bits but other than that the game was pretty much a walk in the park.

Apart from that the review was great, it covered alot of boundaries, which some reviews don't. And it cleared up alot of things to do with the PC version.

Well done.
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Rizzy11 Feb 19, 09
I bought this game on Tuesday and I really like it.

I hadn't played the original FEAR game so this was new to me.

I really like the game and I think it is quite scary but from what I have saw in the original FEAR on YouTube, that seemed much scarier. There have been times where I jumped, and the hairs on my neck stood up, especially at the level when you are in the school. Very creepy.

The multiplayer is pretty good aswell, although I don't play muc of it. And I like the storyline, although it's a tad confusing but that's probably because this is, again, new to me.

The game is quite easy however. I am playing it on Normal, then I will do ito n Hard but I guess it won't be much of a challenge. Seems like I am not the only one who thinks this.

Goo game however!
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kspiess Feb 19, 09
I'm disappointed to hear that game is a bit easy. Otherwise it sounds like a winner. I prefer games to kick my ass.

I played the Necrovision demo last night. That game is damn tough on 'Hard'. Not the best game though.
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chautemoc Feb 20, 09
Sweet review..will be giving this a shot sometime in the near future. Loved the demo.
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