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Granath Sep 2, 10
quote chautemoc
It's not going to happen, so you can stop trying.

I feel differently than he does, at least in part.
It's not that there's room for other opinions, but yours is so far outside the norm that it just reeks of favoritism. Given that even the CEO/Owner of Stardock doesn't agree with your assessment of the game, I think this discussion can end here because there's nothing more that needs to be said. It must be a small comfort to you to misrepresent the game to the public just so long as you get to defend your favorite studio.
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Gazz2 Sep 3, 10
quote Granath
Now perhaps Neoseeker should pull the review and assign it to someone a little less emotionally invested in Stardock.
Why? He mentioned being in the beta (and creating "press" about it) in the first paragraph so everyone with a double digit IQ can figure out that he had weeks and months to get used to the bugs and what passes for an interface.
It's a lot easier when you know that the fly-poop sized ornament is an important button.

Even so, I can play the game just fine. I can deal with the few "issues" I encounter. Or I restart. It's just a game.
But I realise that I'm not a casual gamer while the review advertises the game in it's 1.06 state to all kinds of gamers.
That is the one questionable point in the review.
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Krantos Sep 3, 10

Ok, everyone, I think we all know where this is going. I kind of feel ashamed by my part in it, tbh. We've all spent enough time on the internet to know that nothing constructive is going to come out of arguing about this anymore.

Granath doesn't like the game and therefore assumes that anyone that does is a fanboy.

The rest of us do like the game and so we assume that Granath is just being a troll.

Is there some truth to both sides? Probably. Yes, he came across as a bit abrasive to anyone that liked the game and to chautemoc in particular, but there was nothing that said we had to respond the way we did (my self in particular).

For myself, I did find Elemental to be a tad disappointing, mostly due to balance issues and bugs. However, I still like it, not because I'm some blinded fanboy, but because I know that the game will continue to be tweaked in the weeks, months, years to come. The thing I like best about Stardock is that they actually continue to support and improve their games long after release. Gal Civ 2 is a great example: It was good when it came out (better than elementa, tbh), but by the time they were finished tweaking and expanding it years later, it was easily twice as good as when it was released. I'm betting that the same will happen with elemental.

Basically, put it this way: If BioWare (easily my favorite developer) released a game in a similar state to elemental, I'd be upset, because they don't have a history of after release support. Stardock does, so therefore, I'm not upset.

So can we please put this useless argument to rest.
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chautemoc Sep 3, 10

Dunno about before, but since Mass Effect BioWare has been good with releasing a few smaller patches per game.
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