Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC Review - PAGE 1

- Wednesday, August 31st, 2011 Like Share

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LibraStone Sep 2, 11
"No game will suit every person, if this game doesn't suit you, that's life, but that doesn't mean the game is bad."

I acknowledge that not all games appeal to all masses. But if the game doesn't suit you, that doesn't mean it's GOOD, either.

Yes, there is "enough" available resources to discover. But when the entire focus of the game becomes FINDING the "enough" part, then the experience of the game is diminished...bottlenecked, if you will, into finding that one "enough" part. This should not be the focus of the game. It should be so intertwined with the plot that you aren't overwhelmed with spending three hours on one level and then being inundated with a cut-scene of text that you forgot about three hours ago.

Seriously, every focus point for accomplishment in any given mission or arena expends everything you have - ammo, replenishment, you name it...and then you're faced with a boss battle. There is no opportunity for repose here....NONE. I mean sheesh, Morrowind was a fantastic game and allowed you to just wander off into the desert, find a high point, and enjoy the beauty of the dust storms, or the stars, and then you'd get back into action. But this game relentlessly FORCES you into every next gauntlet. It's rigorous and unforgiving and lacks all the psychological makeup of a burning's like a bunch of newbs stood on the shoulders of giants and ended up with everything but depth of character, ambience, and emotion. They simply don't understand it, so how can they portray it?

I will complete the game by hook or crook...but it is NOT fun nor enjoyable. I will trade it in for Dead Island. The only reason I will complete it is because I bought it out of anticipation and learned a lesson I should have learned long ago.
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Lorx Sep 2, 11
It's not just neoseeker's team that believes the game to be of a very high calibur. If you don't like how the game works, again, that's personal opinion.

No game can please everybody, there's bound to be people who don't like a game that's widely considered to be amazing, because of the things others find so fun. I personally can't stand CoD at all for instance. Doesn't mean the series is trash, just means I don't like it.
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