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- Tuesday, December 18th, 2007 Like Share

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Danger Dec 18, 07
Nice interesting read there, VeG.

Nice to see a review from someone on a lower end graphics card, closer to one like my own.
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sam034 Dec 24, 07
I think I'm getting about the same experience (or a little worse) with my pc as the one used in the review. High settings, low framerates.

I think the game is meant to be experienced with the graphics on high or higher with playable framerates, which I haven't expeienced yet, I don't like the game that much because I'm not playing it as it is meant to be played.

I'll play this game again in a few years, with everything turned on, I think I'll get 'the' experience then.

I do think this game is really 'next gen' or at least the cryengine 2, but the gameplay is that of a standard shooter plus more cinematic moments.
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