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Ditnopota Sep 24, 12
quote Eiche
As for the story, in the first Borderlands all I knew was I was looking for a Vault, moving from one mission to the next (though I may just be oblivious, haha). In Borderlands 2, I feel like I know exactly what's going on and why.

Nah, you aren't, because that's essentially all it is. Your main reasoning for doing anything is the off-chance of huge riches in the mysterious Vault. The reason why you kill all the bosses to get the Vault Key pieces, why you listen to Angel every step of the way, and why the ending was so very, very disappointing. It was a supplemental storyline just put in place to keep the action pieced together, and it did a nice job of that. Not a nice job of telling a story, however.

Borderlands 2, though, somehow managed to give your actions in the first game a reason, as well as your actions in the second a bigger reason. I won't spoil it all, but I felt connections to characters that I certainly wouldn't have felt anything for in the first game.

I'm not trying to be mean to the writer of the review or anything, as they're definitely entitled to their opinion of the game and they made some valid points, I just wanted to give my two cents. Maybe I'd agree more if I didn't start with the main ammo and health tank of the game, Gunzerker.
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