Back to the Future: The Game - Episode V (PC) Review

Author: Dany Argueta
Editor: Howard Ha
Publish Date: Sunday, July 3rd, 2011
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At last, Back to the Future: The Game reaches its finale with the fifth episode, Episode V: OUTATIME.  Though the series has had its fair share of ups and downs throughout its episodic releases, Telltale manages to conclude the adventure with a satisfying bang.

Having broke up with Edna Strickland in Double Visions, young Emmett Brown is ready to show off his one of his earliest inventions at the Hill Valley Expo, a critical moment that would later inspire Emmett to take up his scientific career and create the time-travelling DeLorean. However, Edna and the reformed Citizen Brown from Double Visions have been plotting together to stop the demonstration at all costs.  

Citizen Brown secretly believes he can change the Edna’s demanding ways by halting the demo and ultimately driving away young Emmett from science. It’s up to Marty McFly to stop the two, and he'll need to confront one final challenge that could have far more destructive consequences than just changing the future.

Gameplay: Retreading Old Territory

Just like previous Back to the Future episodes, OUTATIME presents a point-and-click adventure that tasks players with solving puzzles designed around critical thinking -- no extraneous elements like memorizing lots of buttons or mastering tricky timing. In other words, it’s a game that’s simple enough for fans of the film series to enjoy, most of whom may not be gamers themselves.  The difficulty bump brought in by Double Visions has pretty much plateaued here, making OUTATIME just a tiny bit harder than the first three episodes but not to the point that it’s going to give you major headaches. If at any point you get stumped, you can always consult with the in-game hint system for clues or complete solutions.

If you’re sick and tired of looking at the sights of old-fashioned Hill Valley in 1931, we’ve got some good news and bad news for you. The bad news is that OUTATIME takes place once again in 1931 Hill Valley. The way better news, however, is that OUTATIME actually takes place within the Hill Valley Expo, which is filled with all sorts of modern gadgets and prototype knick-knacks for players to mess around with. Better yet, the Expo portion takes up the first half of Episode V, clocking in at roughly two hours. As for the latter half, we’ll be nice by not spoiling it for everyone, but we will say it has a pleasant way with tying into the third Back to the Future film.

OUTATIME does suffer a debilitating bug during the game’s Glass House puzzle, at least in our initial playthrough.  Fortunately, a trip to Telltale’s forums revealed the developers were already aware of the problem, and a temporary fix was made available for download.  OUTATIME has since been properly patched, so if you have an install from before June 25, you’ll want to go download the fixed copy.

Ultimate Fan Service: Michael J. Fox

As always, A.J. LoCascio and Christopher Lloyd deliver fine performances of Marty McFly and the elder Emmett Brown. This time around, they are joined by none other than Michael J. Fox who steps into the role of Willie McFly and several other characters. If you're expecting a lame five-second cameo, prepare to be disappointed (or really happy), because he actually has a few minutes’ worth of dialogue in OUTATIME, making him somewhat of a supporting character.  Fox’s presence makes for a pleasant and fitting addition for the final episode, and his involvement is just about the best fan service any Back to the Future lover could ask for.

Final Thoughts

OUTATIME not only provides a satisfying and entertaining conclusion to the series, it also cements Back to the Future: The Game as a worthy follow-up to the film trilogy.  This final installment wraps up loose ends nicely, manages to make the repeat visit to 1931 enjoyable yet again, and even includes the voice talents of Michael J. Fox. Gamers will find an adventure that’s simple but enjoyable to complete while Back to the Future fans owe it to themselves to check out the continuing sci-fi tale of Marty McFly and Emmett “Doc” Brown. OUTATIME belts out one very big final surprise at its conclusion that we dare not spoil so we encourage you to play through this episode or the whole series if you haven’t done so already.


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