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- Monday, February 18th, 2013 Like Share

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Skidmarks Feb 19, 13
Are the Vulcan ANC specs the same as the Orion Pro? I see you've listed the Vulcan specs but as far as I know they are wireless.
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Cryonicstate Feb 21, 13
Here are the specifications for the Orion Pro. I hope I have it all lined up for you correctly.

Driver: Driver Diameter : 50 mm
Driver Material: Neodymium magnet
Sensitivity: Headphone Sensitivity : 100 dB
Sensitivity: -30 dB
Input: 50 mW
Response: Headphone : 20 ~ 20000 Hz
Impedance: 32 Ohm ± 3 %
Cable Length: 2.5 meter
Performance: Passive (noise isolation) Maximum > 30 dB
Weight: 268 g
Accessories: User guide
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