AMI Hyperdisk 100 IDE RAID Controller Review - PAGE 1

- Friday, October 27th, 2000 Like Share

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Michael T. Babcock May 1, 01
There was a comment in the article that CPU times will always increase in a RAID configuration. This is only true if the RAID controller requires the operating system drivers to do its work. In high-end RAID hardware, you get a decrease in CPU usage over a normal controller because the controller does all the work.

To compare apples to oranges, on a DPT SCSI RAID controller with on-board cache, writes from the OS go directly to the controller's RAM at full DMA speed and the controller then writes that data to the disks as optimally as possible in the background while the OS simply goes on to the next task. The CPU doesn't have to do any significant work at all.

Implementing this scenario in an IDE RAID controller would be possible, but it wouldn't be cheap. People probably aren't willing to spend $500 for an IDE RAID controller, so this type of functionality probably won't come soon.