Silent Hill: Downpour PS3 Review - PAGE 1

- Friday, March 23rd, 2012 Like (1) Share

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DarshD Apr 8, 12
Agreed with everything. It's really nice. Hopefully they'll release a patch for that...Well, hopefully :/
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CharleyFeyvolta Apr 12, 12
I was anticipating the release of this game as well as the HD Collection but to be honest, from what I've read in terms of reviews, neither have been up to the expected standard. Though in all honesty, if I do get either of the games it will definitely be Downpour.
2 thumbs!
SerialZero Apr 12, 12
I think Vatra did a fantastic job considering what they had to contend with (namely whiny-ass fans who don't like any change whatsoever). The environments were beautiful and creative, they reinstated the puzzles were the staple of the originals, and the story was so engaging I didn't give a crap about the limited scope of enemies. Cameos and side quests were a surprising bonus as well. The only issue I had with the game was that it lagged sometimes, but that was remedied for the most part when I freed up about 10 gigs of space on my hard drive. All in all, very pleased with this title. XD
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