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- Monday, November 21st, 2011 Like (1) Share

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boipelo503 Apr 6, 13
this game is a killer game,the cars,the graphics everything.
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kik36 Jun 8, 12
quote Alex_Duncan
The review is substandard but gets the rating right.
Thank you for your substandard rating for my review Alex. Please feel free to submit your own review on the game's main page by selecting the "contribute" tab in the upper right-hand corner.
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Alex_Duncan Jun 8, 12
The review is substandard but gets the rating right. NFS The Run suffers terminally from the same things titles like FF13 do. They have a rich history, and tons of game changing mechanics and decides to scrap them all for a fully scripted and unrealistic (even by arcade NFS standards) cinematic of a racing game.

Let's do the list. Hot Pursuit introduced police chases, and throughout various games like Highstakes and Most Wanted perfected the model. Most wanted being the pinnacle before the fall of Carbon. High speed, cop car destroying, roadblock ramming ever changing police chases. The Run offers up almost 100% scripted roadblocks and SUV cruisers that are able to pass you like you are standing still at 280KM/H and they are only after you because the other 10 cars that are driving faster than you are of no interest unless there is a scripted event of them getting pulled over. Oh and forget ramming the roadblocks, if you miss the weak point in the roadblock you will wreck on the cruisers, end of race/you get to rewind 20 seconds.

Bottomline you can just keep re-racing until you know the script and easily beat any track.

Next up, there is zero ownership of the cars. High Stakes, Underground 1 & 2 to a degree Most Wanted made your garage an accomplishment, yet another revolutionary idea turned staple mechanic thrown out the window, In the run I couldn't care less about winning a rivals car. Also left out is any real customization swapped out for each car having 2 maybe 3 skins max and 5 - 9 colours, wow blackbox must have spent hours on that.

The story which is by the looks of it meant to be a major focal point is garbage, it's a string of interchangeable scenes set to quicktime events. Complete joke.

The driving is half decent. Completely functional though pretty much every car handles the same with slight difference. You will notice a difference when switching between the major types, but you can pretty much go the distance with just taking the next best exotic. Not that Carbon did this any better but you figure they would stop trying to wring milk out of the dead cow that is car classes.

That's about all. There is much better racing games out there in and out of the NFS series.
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