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- Friday, September 23rd, 2011 Like Share

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Niall s Nov 12, 11
This game could have been a 10/10 if they would have taken old features from prior games that worked. Such as Podiums. who does a racing game without podiums and the champagne celebration. A trophy room where you could admire your trophies and contemplate your career stats and the other AI drivers stats as well. A Simple Helmet Designer with selectable shapes and colors. Graphics similar to GT5. Vintage races or season. Since they already had F1 2009 Why not add that or 1990 vintage classic races with Prost, Senna, Mansell, Piquet, etc...

All that could have been done and it would not have taken a lot of time. Looks to me like they were not as busy as they pretended they were. F1 2012 better be good otherwise I don't see them being able to get the long term deals like FIFA or Madden.

I don't think tht they should put the legends in it tht would suck
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redfin97 Jun 6, 12
to be honest. i dont care about what the other people are saying because this game is fantastic. the graphics are good, and i would recommend it
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Noaman Oct 2, 12
I don't have the game or I have not played it but I saw the reviews from many websites I liked your review it was honest but is the graphic for ps3 so bad.I so the gameplay on YouTube,the graphics didn't look so bad as your review and the gameplay as to see is simple I think but I have not played so I don't know and my question is are the graphics so bad?
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Bah Nov 26, 12
Youre not missing much unclebobert.

To run the game with the graphics up to the max requires a top of the range computer. Mine is a pretty decent little laptop and with v1 i could get maximum 18fps. With the two updates with the oh so wicked performance increases to nvidia machines i was able to clock up a whopping 21fps. Although the same framerate in the "Benchmark mode" is a shitload smoother than that in the game.

Its buggy as hell, it has a long list of issues, all requiring a long list of fixes, very few of them offered up by Codemasters, and even after fixing all of those one by one you still get issues with ridiculously fast AI in the rain, zero grip or zero speed in the low tier cars, savegames dying, f1 launcher app dying randomly, random game deaths due to the replay file (Whut?) which require its deletion every now and again, the list just keeps going.

Of course if you believe CM, this is solely down to the computer installed on it, even with the latest available drivers, all problems can be apparently solved by downloading new drivers, and if that doesnt work, well youre shit outta luck.

Dont buy it, Bit torrent it. Its not worth the $60 they still want for it, being sold alongside F1 2012.... for $60.

The 2012 demo at least ran a whole lot better on this laptop and it just feels a lot more right.
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