Dante's Inferno Q&A: Deep in Hell Preview - PAGE 1

, Sean Ridgeley
- Tuesday, January 19th, 2010
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1.One Hellacious Ride
2.Working With the Classics
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che_don_john Jan 18, 10
It's interesting to read about how and way developers take use of artistic license, whether it be adapting a work of literature or depicting historical events. I find that most developers are very clever in the tools they use to transfer something from one medium onto another which is very different.

I think the overriding consideration should always be that it's a game - gameplay whould always come first. I'm excited about Dante's Inferno, not just because I'm a fan of the poem, but because EA have become a decent publisher and have worked with great developers of late.

That said, I think somtimes developers do make choices and changes that are a tad unneccessary. For example, I see no reason why this game has to be set earlier in the Crusades period. The Divine Comedy, and Dante the man himself, was very 14th-centruy Florentine - in the philosophy, attitudes and influences - and I think this forms the essence of the poem and its themes. To remove this, and in particulalry the historical and political context, could diminish it somewhat. I can see why the developers would feel that the Crusades is more recognisable to gamers than an Italian Civil War, but so what? What difference does this make, really?

I also still can not quite accept that they've turned Dante into a Paladin. Yes, it probably fits the GOW-esque template better, and also the Crusades setting that they've incorporated, but why not be a bit different and make the protagonist not your usual muscle-bound, armour plated hero, but instead the middle-aged man he really was? Mirror's Edge carved a nice niche by straying from stereotypes with its protagonist, and I think this game missed a good opportunity to set it apart from all the GOW and DMC clones.
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chautemoc Jan 18, 10
I'm with you on that one.
Here was an opportunity to do something really different. At best we'll get something with a unique and engrossing environment and atmosphere, but at the end, to some extent it will still be in a semi-generic mold.
Nevertheless, I am hating on it less, now.
If you don't take it too seriously and recognize it's not supposed to be something truly different, you may be able to enjoy it.

(And Mirror's Edge is amazing)
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che_don_john Jan 18, 10
Yeah, I played the demo and did enjoy it. It strikes the balance between familiarity (DMC influences more apparent than any other game) and difference (or at least, as different as a platformr hack n slash can be!). But I think the best way to judge the game is to separate it from the poem completely - for me, it departs too much for it to be used as a measure. A wasted opportunity, perhaps, but then it still could end up be a great game by its own merit.

(and yes, Mirror's Edge is amazing - the most underrated game of this generation!)
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