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- Monday, May 24th, 2010 Like Share

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Hurricarno May 24, 10
Hey ummm, the link doesn't work.
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ThrombosisJones May 24, 10
It will as soon as Lydia has a chance to chase my bad grammar off with a chainsaw.

Give her a few minutes!

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RabidChinaGirl May 24, 10
Alright, the link should be working now, guys.
If it doesn't, you have my permission to blame me.
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umgee May 25, 10
All I wanna know is who's the weird-looking guy at the end, taking csi photos
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tekmosis May 25, 10
I've visited UFG on a Friday when they have beer-day, not this trip Adrian took it was a personal visit. The studio is small compared to the likes of EA but it's quaint and it's pretty cool inside, nice atmosphere. I didn't see any of the UFG stuff on the windows tho, that's cool. The gigantoid beanbag chair is awesome
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