CD Projekt Interview: The Witcher 2, - PAGE 4

- Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 Like (1) Share (1)

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CoarseDragon Apr 20, 10
Excellent. I can't wait for this game The Witcher was awesome in my book.
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Lorx Apr 21, 10

Really good to see GoG grow, love that place.

Marcin: The purpose of the game isn't to emanate violence -- it's not Postal -- or to emanate sex. However, it is a mature game in a mature world, and as we know the world has violence and sex, which are important parts of our lives -- especially the second.
Made me laugh, I really need to play through the first game sometime.
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chautemoc Apr 21, 10
He's a funny guy.

I've had it for awhile but haven't had the chance to get to it. Can't wait to dive in soon.

We'll surely have a review for TW2, hopefully for launch day.
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