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- Thursday, December 1st, 2011 Like Share

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1.Introduction, options
3.Visual features, PhysX, 3D Vision 2
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Shadow of Death Dec 2, 11
So hey, it seems that Neoseeker finally has the hardware to test out 3D vision (and you have a 3D Vision 2 kit no less)?

Good show, since 3D Vision is STILL broken for me (wondering if it will ever be resolved >_<).

Sucks that the scaling is terrible, since I'm running a dual 570 rig. With 3D vision (if it was still working), and the highest AA setting (32x CSAA) and maxed out graphics I'd probably be down to something like 20 to 30 FPS, at least at times...Not very comfortable to me.

I wonder if a patch or driver update of some sort will improve scaling with multi gpu setups?
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Vagabond Dec 2, 11
Both AMD and Nvidia are working on improving the multi-GPU scaling and should have an update out soon. We will post links to the working drivers once they are released.

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lylepage029 Dec 3, 13
What order do you play the Arkham games?
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