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Polk AMR 150 Review

Last time we took a look at the Polk AMR90 and found it to be an able budget 4.1 set that fell somewhat short of expectations with muffled upper end performance. Now Polk Audio, ever the perfectionists, have released their latest 4.1 speakers, the AMR150, which promises to deliver all the goods at the still comfy price of $149.99.
March 1st, 2001

The Ward Review

The Ward is the creation of the very independent game company - Fragile Bits Interactive. Based out of Croatia, Fragile Bits created The Ward with its squad, consisting of a whopping 6 group members. Now keep this in mind when you are playing. Seriously...
February 28th, 2001

Shuttle AV32 Socket 370 Motherboard Review

The coolest feature on the AV32 is the support for both DDR and SDR SDRAM which is ideal for people who already own PC100 / PC133 RAM. Despite this, having the ability to use either type of SDRAM is extremely useful and will save you a fair chunk of change if you already own SDR SDRAM. If you don’t already own that RAM, there is much less of a reason to purchase this board because having the two types of DIMM slots on the board increases its price.
February 26th, 2001

Philips Vesta Pro Scan PC Camera Review

In all honesty, I requested to review the cam, right after I was told it could scan images and text off of the desktop. I was intrigued by the idea: point the camera at a sheet of paper, click on a button or two in the software and voila, 30 seconds later you have a good chunk of text or images that you can directly cut and paste into whatever application you need. Maybe I was just caught off guard by novelty of the idea, but somehow the concept of cameras that can also scan documents really appealed to me.
February 21st, 2001

Iomega ZipCD 12x10x32x CDRW Review

The Iomega ZipCD 12x10x32 is similar to Iomega’s other two drives, the 12x4x32 and the 8x4x32 models with the most significant difference being the introduction of Sanyo’s BURN-Proof technology. “BURN” stands for Buffer UnderRuN and the technology is a major improvement to the CD burning process.
February 20th, 2001

IOGEAR MiniView PC 2-port KVM Switch Review

I run a pretty hectic life and I find that sometimes it is the most simple of devices that brings the most enjoyment. Many power users can sympathize: two computer systems running in one small working area with only one keyboard, monitor, and mouse to go around… not a happy scene in any camper’s mind. The constant plugging and unplugging between systems is enough to drive any sane individual to move into a secluded shaft nestled deep in the Rocky Mountains.
February 15th, 2001


With the boom of MP3 usage in the past couple of years, it’s no wonder that manufacturers are migrating pre-existing audio products from conventional means to support MP3s and other audio files. Companies are ever-trying to make their portable MP3 players smaller, lighter, and compliant with larger memory sources with each product they release. During the race to create the ultimate portable audio device, manufacturers have developed a way to incorporate MP3 compliancy with traditional portable CD players, allowing one compose a CD (CD-R/CDRW) with the capacity of writing 650/800MB worth of music in MP3 format. You’ll never run out of songs to listen to again!
February 12th, 2001

Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Review

The last few months have brought with them some sweeping changes to the sound card market in the form of cards that handle 6 speaker output. Aureal and Creative battled it out during the era when quadraphonic sound was king, and though Aureal is now gone, the struggle in the sound card market continues on...
February 7th, 2001

Iomega Hip Zip Portable MP3 Player Review

The HipZip has all the bells and whistles of a current day MP3 player: a USB interface, support for both MP3 and WMA formats, secure download support, and the ability to be upgraded for future formats and security standards. As with the MP-2300, the unit comes with 2 PocketZip discs, and features a built in Li-Ion battery rated for up to 12 hours of play.
February 5th, 2001

Siemens ID Mouse Review

The Siemens ID Mouse is one of the first devices to integrate the FingerTIP sensor technology to provide biometric security for any Windows based system (drivers and extensive PDF documentation are included for Win98, Win NT, and Win2K). Identification is based on the biometric characteristics of your fingerprint, called minutiae, which acts as a unique identifier for each person.
January 31st, 2001

FIC AZ11E Socket A Motherboard Review

FIC has been very quick at the gate when it comes to AMD-based motherboards. Their Slot A based SD11 was one of the first available for the Athlon when it debuted in the summer of 1999. At that time, most motherboard manufacturers shied away from supporting AMD’s newest chip. MSI, Gigabyte, and FIC, on the other hand, took the Athlon and ran with it – much to their benefit. As time passed, more and more manufacturers realized what that the Athlon was in fact a contender in the CPU arena and support for it grew quickly.
January 29th, 2001

Samsung ML-4500 Laser Printer Review

The Samsung ML-4500 is one of the cheapest 8ppm laser printers that you can get your hands on, and yet it offers some compelling features, a low cost-per page, and a fairly good print quality that wouldn’t shame your home or small office.
January 26th, 2001

Boostaroo Personal Audio Amplifier/Splitter Review

Sometimes some of the most popular inventions are also some of the simplest solutions to common problems. That’s what the Boostaroo really is, a very simple, and cost effective solution to a simple problem: the limitations of audio amplifiers in portable audio. If you have a very active outdoor lifestyle, or if you travel a lot and use your portable audio player in a noisy environment, you’re already familiar with the problem.
January 25th, 2001

Microsoft Strategic Commander Review

With its Sidewinder line of gaming peripherals, Microsoft offers everything from traditional joysticks and steering wheels for simulation fans, to tilt pads for arcade addicts, and now an accessory for the RTS gamer. The Strategic Commander, as they’ve christened it, certainly fits in with the average desktop. If anything, it looks like a black mouse for the left hand. Southpaws take note: this is most definitely not a mouse replacement. Unless you can use the mouse with your right hand, this product is not for you. That little issue aside, how does it perform? Will this baby help your game? Read on and find out.
January 24th, 2001

Epox 3SPA3 Review

The Epox 3SPA3 is equipped with a newer version of the i815 chipset, referred to as the i815EP (Intel sure loves adding letters onto their product codes, don’t they?). Before this version came the i815E which introduced a second USB controller as well as support for ATA 100. The major difference with the i815EP is the removal of the on-board video (hallelujah!) which both the original i815 and i815E feature.
January 23rd, 2001

AOpen HQ08 Full Tower Case Review

In general, current day full tower cases share the same qualities, and the HQ08 is no exception. We found this baby after some readers sent us email asking us whether this bad boy would be a good alternative to the hot roddin’ Antec SX830 (by far my favourite full tower to date). The HQ08 is a fairly appealing case, and at first glance you can see that the case packs a solid offering. We’re showing the HQ08 with aquamarine trim, but the case also comes in grey, blue, and green, just in case (pun totally unintended) you’re fashion conscious.
January 19th, 2001

Polk AMR90 Review

I’m somewhat of a fiend when it comes to speakers. I see a pair that looks interesting or that has attracted some buzz, and I want to test them out myself. A while ago Polk Audio introduced their first multimedia speaker systems, and these were really good looking systems that I wanted to try straight away. Well I never got a chance to try those speakers first hand, though now I have the chance to try one of the newest additions to Polk Audio’s lineup. The AMR90 is a brand new 4.1 surround system that costs just a hair above $100.
January 17th, 2001

Antec Datachute PCI Review

PCMCIA is a standard port available on all laptop computers, but it hasn’t quite caught on in the desktop market. Since the PCMCIA slot is viewed as a sort of replacement for PCI and ISA slots found in the desktop, it would be redundant on a regular computer. With the laptop computer’s “motherboard” safely tucked in the casing, it was no wonder that some sort of compact, secure, and durable alternative arose.
January 15th, 2001

Sudden Strike Review

Through all the ups and downs of the RTS genre over the last several years, one theme has been largely ignored - WWII. Turn-based strategy games have typically dominated the WWII scene with games such as 101: The Airborne Invasion of Normandy and others. While turn-based games might offer more grit and depth than RTS, they sometimes miss the mark in the action and graphics departments.
January 12th, 2001

Thermaltake Low Profile Orb Review

The Thermaltake Orbs are a very popular line of cooling solutions. It’s easy to understand why: they’re good performers and their strikingly sharp looks have a pretty high “wow” factor. Thermaltake is hoping to spread this boom of popularity into other market niches with the introduction of several models, including the Low-Profile Orb which is made for space-confined rackmount servers.
January 11th, 2001

SMC Barricade 4-Port Internet Router Review

Last time we looked at internet routers with integrated hubs/switches, we did a comprehensive roundup of 5 different routers from some of the better known companies in the business. Unfortunately, because the companies could not send in their products in time, we missed out on Netgear’s 314 router, and SMC’s Barricade, the latter of which we cover.
January 10th, 2001

Blair Witch 3: The Elly Kedward Tale Review

The final chapter in the Blair Witch video games series is complete and the anticipation is over. What anticipation you ask? Okay, so you weren’t sleeping outside the video game store the day before its release, I wasn’t either. Surprisingly enough, Ritual Entertainment has developed an impressive game, one that probably would sell more copies without the Blair Witch insignia on the front.
January 8th, 2001

VisionTek Geforce 2 Ultra Review

Last April, we saw the release of NVIDIA’s Geforce2 GTS. Produced using the 0.18-micron fabrication process, the Geforce2 GTS had a core speed of 200MHz and a memory speed of 166MHz which was up from the 120MHz /150MHz (core/memory) speeds of the original Geforce (which used the 0.22-micron process). The smaller die process reduced power consumption, which reduced the amount of heat it produced, allowing it to reach the higher clock speed.
December 21st, 2000

Mechwarrior 4 Vengeance Review

Mechwarrior IV: Vengeance, the fourth game in the hugely successful Mechwarrior franchise, is the prototypical "mecha combat game". Based on a highly acclaimed boardgame by FASA, Mechwarrior is about your quest to avenge the execution of your family by invaders. To do so, you pilot a giant war machine, called a Battlemech, and wage war on those responsible for the death of your loved ones. Over the course of the game’s four campaigns, you pilot a variety of mechs on a plethora of missions to fulfill your quest for Vengeance.
December 20th, 2000

Sensory Science rave: MP-2300 Review

Sensory Science has made itself a name in the portable digital music market with their popular rave:mp mp2200 player, which we found to be an excellent entry chock full of features and backed by good quality sound. It’s one of the more popular players here at Neoseeker’s portable MP3 section, and Sensory Science, encouraged by their player’s success, has come out with the latest member of their rave:mp portables: the rave:mp MP2300.
December 19th, 2000