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Epox Socket A 8KTA2 Review

First came the Epox 8KTA. Then, the 8KTA+. And now... it's the 8KTA2! The differences between the three boards are subtle because they all are based on the VIA KT133 ATX Chipset. Within this subtlety, however, lie some sweet improvements. The most significant differences were introduced by the 8KTA+ which greatly improved the board's overclocking capabilities – most visibly striking was the addition of a heatsink to the VT8363 NorthBridge Controller.
November 9th, 2000

Steel Beasts Review

Steel Beasts is a hardcore tank simulation that appeals directly to grognard tank sim players, focusing on the modernized A1M1 and Leo tanks. Steel Beasts is a simulation in the purest form, setting aside flashy graphics in favor of a rather complex presentation of realistic tank warfare. For the uninitiated, the learning curve in Steel Beasts is steep, but the payoffs are great when you finally start putting the intricate pieces of the puzzle together.
November 8th, 2000

Kodak CompactFlash to PCMCIA Adapter Review

The Kodak Picture Card Reader is a simple little compact flash adapter that takes your CF card and makes it compatible with a standard Type II PCMCIA slot. When installed, the CF card acts like a small disk, using the high throughput of the PCMCIA bus to make CF transfers a quick and painless procedure.
November 7th, 2000

Metal Gear Solid Review

Fresh off of their sensational Playstation sales, Konami partnered with Microsoft to bring what was arguably one of the best Playstation games to the PC. After a mild facelift, and a few enhancements to the game, it was repackaged along with the VR Missions add on, and sent off to the pc gaming community.
November 6th, 2000

Monsoon MH-500 Flatpanel Speaker Review

Monsoon is one of the most amazing multimedia speaker companies that I can possibly name. This is a company that has produced two very fine flat panel speaker systems using their planar focus technology. If you’ve read my reviews of the first two speakers to use Monsoon’s planar focus technology, you will know that the results are often amazingly clear and clean audio quality, precision soundstage reproduction, and superb instrument placement.
November 3rd, 2000

Nike Personal Sport Audio Play 120 Review

Now that the MP3 craze is reaching feverish pitches, it seems like everyone and their brother is getting into the market with portable players. Nike, ever the savvy marketer, isn’t about to let this go without introducing a portable player of their own.
November 2nd, 2000

Sacrifice Review

From games such as MDK, and Earthworm Jim comes the next PC title from Shiny Entertainment, the real-time strategy title like no other. Imagine if you will, a third person RPG/Action/Adventure game similar in fashion to Drakan, mixed in with a 3d RTS such Myth, and you can kind of get a glimpse of the unique style of gameplay found in Sacrifice.
October 31st, 2000

AMI Hyperdisk 100 IDE RAID Controller Review

AMI is no small contender in the PC marketplace. They have been making great system BIOS chips for years –that’s where most will recollect the name :) however, they have had their hand in the pot of other PC products also. Among those are the new generation of IDE RAID controllers.
October 27th, 2000

Crimson Skies Review

Microsoft and Zipper Interactive bring us Crimson Skies: a simplified flight simulator. It allows the player to engage quickly in innovative missions without the complications of taking off, landing, and having to monitor intricate control panels and gages.
October 25th, 2000

Guillemot Maxi Sound MUSE Review

The sound card market has been going through some interesting changes, the foremost of which is the introduction of new players in a market that is primarily dominated by Creative Labs. When Aureal came about with their Vortex chip, literally a dozen companies started to produce quality sound cards that became truly viable and competitive alternatives to the Sound Blaster line of cards.
October 24th, 2000

Midtown Madness 2 Review

Having problems keeping your foot on the brake in traffic jams lately? Don’t you wish you could just pop the clutch, veer to the left and fly down the shoulder at 120 over the limit? Or maybe hop into a Hum V and just drive over the congestion?
October 23rd, 2000

Rogue Spear: Covert Ops Essentials Review

From the very beginning, Red Storm’s Rainbow Six games have been at the forefront of innovation in gameplay. Covert Ops Essentials, the latest release from Red Storm Entertainment offers a slight twist on the Rainbow Six franchise. The game consists of two disks containing separate programs. The first disk has several training courses using real-world counter-terrorist (CT) operations as examples, and includes a library of material relating to counter-terrorist organizations from around the world.
October 20th, 2000

Plextor 12x10x32x Plexwriter Review

Well it’s time once again to peer deep into the tunnel of technology and glance at a new product that’s storming its way into the hearts of CD-Burning enthusiasts all over! It’s from Plextor and it’s the PlexWriter 12/10/32 CD-Writer.
October 19th, 2000

Non-Force Feedback Race Wheel Roundup

Games are all about immersion and fun. We don’t have the technology to go full VR, so we turn to the next best thing: immersion through ever more realistic graphics, better sounding effects and music, and realistic gaming peripherals that take us and put us literally in a position closer to that of the jet pilot or race jock. Race wheels take you just that one step closer to being there in the rollcage and roaring down the race track.
October 12th, 2000

Midiland S4 7100 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers Review

A few months ago we took a look at the MidiLand S4 4060 3 piece speakers, the first set of the new S4 family of speakers from a company that has a reputation as one of the finer multimedia speaker manufacturers. The S4 was to continue a tradition set by the famous S2 premium line, while competing against a generation of lower priced speakers. The S4 7100 continues the S4 line as its 5.1 surround sound solution, a solution that is closely tied to the S4 4060 set because both sets are based around the exact same satellites.
October 11th, 2000

Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force

Once again there is an attempt to capitalize on the Star Trek series. Activision and Raven Software have released a new first person shooter: Star Trek Voyager-Elite Force. Elite Force begins much like the Voyager television series with one stipulation; you are playing the main character from the first person's point of view. In this episode, Voyager has been transported to an uncharted region of space by an unknown alien intelligence.
October 9th, 2000

CaseAce GearGrip Pro Review

Even before I was into network gaming, before 10/100 NIC cards started becoming a household item, I was already moving my computer from my house, to those of my friends. Moving a computer has always been a chore. The case is not the easiest thing to move, and once you pile on your cables, your keyboard, your mouse, and any CD-ROM discs or other myriad accessories you might want to bring, you are talking about a very large, very bulky, and very unstable tower of equipment.
October 5th, 2000

Xitel MD-Port DG1 Review

If you own an MD player, chances are that you have been eyeing those new portable MP3 player with some small amount of longing. Afterall, you probably have made yourself a nice collection of MP3s and would LOVE to have the ease of mixing and matching your playlists and transferring them to a portable player.
October 5th, 2000

Rio 600 Portable MP3 Player Review

Not too long ago, we had the pleasure of reviewing the Rio500 as part of our USB Portable MP3 roundup. I found the Rio500 to be a quality product with a simple, but well implemented suite of features. It was also one of the most user-friendly players we’ve yet to come across. Now we take a look at the newest member of the Rio family, the Rio600, which is a sportier sort of reincarnation of the popular player with an emphasis on fun and fashionable design.
October 4th, 2000

Homeworld: Cataclysm Review

Homeworld Cataclysm stands as a fine example of how to expand a game franchise with exactly the right mix of additions and enhancements to gameplay. To take an award winning RTS title like Homeworld and make it even better is a feat in itself. Cataclysm gracefully takes the series to a higher level in just about every facet of the game.
October 2nd, 2000

Midiland MLi-490 4.1 Speaker System Review

By now MidiLand has firmly established itself as one of the players to look out for in the higher end multimedia speaker market. With reviews of its S2 4100 speakers still echoing their praise, it is sometimes hard to remember that MidiLand was around even before their S2 and S4 series of speakers won critical acclaim. And that’s where the mystery really lies.
September 28th, 2000

Samsung Yepp E64 Portable MP3 Player Review

Unsurprisingly, with the surge of MP3 players on the market, Samsung has entered the portable player market with its high-end Yepp-64 player. Featuring a multi-line LCD display, a cool 64MB of built-in memory and the facility to upgrade with SmartMedia cards – this player is a match for the popular Rio500 and the Nomad II in basic features and functionality.
September 27th, 2000

Space Empires IV Hands On Preview

The 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) genre is an old, established one, built on the achievements of classics like Stars! and Master of Orion. As years have passed, more features, better graphics, and multiplayer capabilities have been added. However, the core gameplay is still the same, despite these innovations. The emphasis has been on customizability and an ever expanding array of game options. Space Empires IV is the latest addition to this genre. It is highly customizable, has a broad and deep technology tree, and is blessed with a clean, streamlined interface.
September 25th, 2000

4-Port Internet Router Roundup

Now that high speed or broadband internet is being made available in more and more areas, people are beginning to jump onto the next wave of internet access with super high speed throughputs and ultra low latency and ping times. Because most households that have computers tend to have more than one computer, home networking has also jumped up significantly in the last two years. These two explosions go hand in hand today, since high speed internet is perfect for sharing with multiple computers in the household or small office.
September 21st, 2000

Boston Accoustics BA4800 Review

Boston Acoustics is a longtime maker of quality home theater and home audio speakers, which gives them somewhat of advantage in the multimedia/computer speaker market thanks to their long time experience with speaker equipment in general. I’ve had the privilege of having reviewed, quite extensively, nearly every multimedia speaker set that Boston Acoustics has come out with thus far (all except for their exclusive Gateway speakers), and all have turned out to be good speakers.
September 20th, 2000