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Arthur's Knights: Tales of Chivalry Review

One of the most enduring legends in the Western world is that of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Residing in mythical Camelot, King Arthur and his knights represented the chivalric ideals that people looked for during the Dark Ages and thus provided a basis for the popular image of what a brave and heroic knight should be.
September 18th, 2001

Olympus DW-90 Digital Voice Recorder Review

When I first put my hands on the new Olympus DW-90 digital voice recorder I have to admit that I was a little skeptical. I was more familiar associating Olympus with cameras than digital recorders. And second, I didn’t fully understand why anyone would want to spend money on a digital recorder over just a regular cheap tape recorder?
September 12th, 2001

Samsung DVD-V1000 DVD/VCR Combo Review

In early July, Samsung Electronics announced the launch of a product never before seen to public eye. This product is the DVD-V1000. It combines a home theater DVD player, with the addition of a VCR, VCD Player, CD Player, and MP3 player all in one. This machine makes its debut to the market at a good time.
September 10th, 2001

Antec SX-1240 Full Tower Review

Despite their apparent lackluster appearance, computer chassis are actually one of my favourite system components. Think about it – the case is the visual representation of your computer (and physical one too, for the most part), so it’s important for it to not only function well (in terms of accessibility, airflow, etc…), but to look good as well.
September 7th, 2001

Antec JetCool Socket 370 Cooler Review

Antec, a company known for their solid housing products such as the SX-830 we reviewed & the SX-1240 we just got in, has just released their JetCool line of heatsink fans to the retail market. The JetCool line is comprised of three HSFs: the Athlon (Socket A) Cooler, the P4 (Socket 423) Cooler, and finally the P3 (Socket 370) version which we’re taking a look at today.
August 29th, 2001

ATI Radeon VE Review

The world of the inexpensive and powerful dual display video card is here. The ability to make use of two monitors has been available for some time now, but has been generally difficult to setup and maintain. The need for this type of technology in a useable form for the general public has been growing quickly. The ATI Radeon VE is one of the answers to this problem.
August 28th, 2001

OCZ Titan 3 GF3 & AMD Optimized PC133 RAM Blow Out

OCZ & Neoseeker have come together to offer the public great deals on two of OCZ's hot products.
August 27th, 2001

Matrox G550 Review

Matrox has long been hailed as the industry leader in 2D performance and image quality; and when the G400 MAX was released about three years ago, the company also boasted some impressive 3D performance as well. But since that time, Matrox has seen more and more of its support from the gaming community slip into the hands of the competition – namely 3DFX and NVIDIA (and now just the latter of the two…).
August 27th, 2001

Compex 11Mbps Wireless Network Review

In the world of networking, Compex is a relative unknown. In spite of having been around since 1987, this company has yet to find the spotlight that other sideline players have captured. And it’s not because of a lack of products – indeed, Compex has a line-up as complete as most of the other mainstream players. Today, we’re taking a look at their WavePort Series of 11Mbps wireless LAN products.
August 24th, 2001

Compaq iPAQ H3650 Review

Well first off I would have to say this is one sexy handheld. I personally love the look, very nice polished silver finish. I would say it pretty much looks like brushed metal but the casing is plastic. My first impressions of the size of the iPAQ was that it was of average size compared to other PDAs like the Palm IIIC and the Handspring Prism but then I found out that it was enclosed in a sleeve so I took that off and instantly the words “sexy” flashed in my mind.
August 23rd, 2001

Samsung SyncMaster 170MP Review

We have reviewed a few Samsung liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors in the past, all being 15 inches; however, today we received a 17 inch monster from Samsung, specifically the Samsung 170MP. Prior to the 170MP, we analyzed the 150MP which scored superlatively in all categories, obtaining Neoseeker’s editor’s choice award. The 170MP is the bigger brother with all the same features and added size. But how does the 170MP size up to its sibling monitor? We shall soon find out.
August 22nd, 2001

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: 3rd Edition Review

Everyone has heard of America’s number one game show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”. It’s a great game where you work your way to the top winning $1 million by answering15 questions correctly. It doesn’t sound that hard, especially since there are 3 lifelines to help the player along the way, but the questions are definitely tricky. Oh, and I almost forgot Regis – this game comes complete with his “wit and attitude”.
August 21st, 2001

Lexmark Z33 Color Inkjet Printer Review

Although the Lexmark Z22 that we reviewed last week turned out some good results for its price class, it certainly was not a product to compare against the more mainstream midrange inkjets on the market. The Lexmark Z33 is STILL not at that level – instead, this modest inkjet printer hopes to fill the upper range of the budget niche, and manages to do so with impressive results.
August 16th, 2001

Zalman Tech CNPS3100 Cooler Review

Probably having one of the more striking looks in the cooler market today, these Zalman coolers order up a sexy brew of CPU cooling magic (I don’t know what that means, but it sounds good :] ). Although at first site it appears to be a fan-less wonder, there certainly is are spinning fins involved – they are just not attached to the heatsink as you’ll see.
August 15th, 2001

Rune: Halls of Valhalla Review

You've just defeated your nemesis, Conrack, an evil renegade Viking who threatened to destroy your village and your way of life with the help of a few powerful Runestones, and have gained the divine favour of Odin. After spending a couple moons feasting and drinking with your Viking compatriots, you begin to grow restless and long for some action. Ah, but what would a group of bloodthirsty Vikings dream up to keep themselves occupied? And so, the great arenas of Wotankeld were built to facilitate the beginning of a new era of Viking sport - the advent of Headball, Arena combat and classic Deathmatch.
August 14th, 2001

Cornerstone P1460 19" Monitor Review

CRT monitors are well-established output devices for the personal or corporate computers. The technology behind the CRT monitor is very well refined and provides graphical advantages over the relatively new technology employed by Liquid Crystal Displays. The market has always been pushing towards bigger, better and cheaper displays, be it CRT or LCD. Currently, the standard is a 17-inch CRT display, but most users are looking for larger displays since many are upgrading from older systems. Today we take a look at the Cornerstone p1460 colour 19-inch monitor.
August 13th, 2001

SONICblue Riovolt Review

Designed with a futuristic flare, the Riovolt is sleek in its silver and blue colour scheme. The main controls are all located on the top face of the player. Arrayed around the backlit 2-line LCD display are controls for song navigation, EQ settings, play mode, volume control, navigation menu, and more.
August 10th, 2001

Lexmark Z22 Color Inkjet Printer Review

The Lexmark Z22 is a budget priced inkjet colour printer with specs that put it above and beyond it’s price class. Considering it’s low cost of around $50USD, the Z22 the offers an impressive 1200x1200dpi resolution in regular black and full colour prints.
August 9th, 2001

MechCommander 2 Review

It appears that the Battletech universe is never at rest. In some form or another conflict constantly rages across the Inner Sphere, which is itself the fragmented remains of an old Terran empire known as the Star League. Strife and disorder rule the day as the various Successor States of the Star League vie for supremacy and one of the flashpoints in their struggle is the planet Carver V.
August 7th, 2001

Samsung SM-308 DVD/CDRW Combo Review

When we reviewed the Samsung SM304 a few months ago it made quite a splash: Its combination of the functionality of a CD Burner with a DVD-ROM drive made it a great all-around computing tool. Now finally Samsung has released its amazing new brother, the SM-308.
August 6th, 2001

OCZ Titan3 GeForce 3 Review

Half a year has passed since NVIDIA first revealed the Geforce3 (also known as the NV20) to the world. Not performing as well as was expected on the standard video benchmarks, it first appeared as though this new technology had failed to meet up to the hype. But upon a closer look, it was discovered that the true problem rest in the hands of the reviewers (more specifically the benchmarking software and techniques) and not with the chip itself. The “standard” benchmarks were not optimized to take advantage of the uber-cool new features of the Geforce3.
August 3rd, 2001

Half-Life BlueShift Review

Half-Life: Blue Shift is another sequel to the popular Sierra FPS series – Half-Life. Yes, “another” one. Among countless number of mods, add-ons, value packs, and special editions, Blue Shift is the second official expansion for Half-Life. Originally being developed as a bonus pack for the Sega Dreamcast, Blue Shift has oddly made its appearance on the PC and not the console.
August 2nd, 2001

Altec Lansing ATP 5 Review

Altec Lansing has been one of the original multimedia speaker giants, around since almost the dawn of the multimedia speaker age. Throughout their existence, they have come to be trusted by many casual audio enthusiasts and gamers alike. Not so long ago, they introduced their ATP3 set of speakers, a stereo speaker set featuring a unique design flare. Today, we take a look at the ATP4, the 4.1 surround version of the very same series.
July 31st, 2001

WWII Online: Blitzkrieg Review

World War II was arguably one of the most bloody and violent times in human history. It was a time when combat was still actually fought by large numbers of brave men and women who risked their lives out in the battlefield rather than by pushing a few buttons from somewhere safe and watching the result from behind computer screens (as mostly is these days).
July 26th, 2001

AOpen R-25W Wireless Mouse Review

With names like Logitech and Microsoft dominating the market for input devices, it’s easy to overlook that a lot of other companies offer some highly affordable and competitive products. In the case of pointing devices, AOpen’s new R-25W wireless mouse is one product that’s been overlooked by the media, but as we came to find, it should be given consideration as a mouse for gamers and regular users alike.
July 23rd, 2001