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Samsung SD-612 DVD-ROM Review

Despite the lack of consumer support for DVD Drives for anything other than watching movies, DVD drive manufacturers battle for the leading edge 16x DVD-ROM marketplace. With the rapid introduction of faster and faster drives the prices for the slower 12x drives should be dropping quite rapidly. The SD-612 is Samsung's entry into this maketplace posting speeds of DVD 12x read and 40x for CD-ROM read.
May 3rd, 2001

AVC 112680 Athlon Cooler Review

Everyone knows that having a steaming hot CPU is a good thing if that implies that it's capable of running a compile, Unreal Tournament, and hacking the pentagon all at the same time. What you do have to note is that it's a very bad thing if your CPU temperature shoots up to be hotter than the core of the sun.
May 1st, 2001

Tribes 2 Review

…Mokona suddenly found himself drop out of thin air and onto a patch of grass. A light breeze gently blew against his face as he looked around to get his bearings. Light rain fell from the sky as he observed men, women, and cybrids moving about in a panic – there seemed to be something going on. “Defend our base!” a terse voice barked into the radio.
April 29th, 2001

Olympus E-10 Digital Camera Review

One camera that has received a lot of attention is the Olympus E-10. It is the flagship of Olympus' filmless digital camera line and rightly so - it is the world's first 4 megapixel digital camera in the sub $2000 market. It is the sister model to the E-100RS that we reviewed last month. Where the E-100RS rests slightly more on the semi-pro side of the fence (in terms of picture quality), the E-10 is a full fledged professional contender.
April 27th, 2001

QPS Que! Fire External CD-RW 16x10x40 Review

As far as CD Burners go, external drives are where it’s at. Being able to use the drive at home, work, school, a friend’s, and not to mention those “unforeseen” situations, is a real boon. The external drive in question today is the Que! Fire CD-RW 16x/10x/40x which supports both Mac and PC, extending its value even further.
April 26th, 2001

Samsung Yepp YP-NDU Review

The new year has come and gone, and with it are a new generation of different MP3 portable players. Some of you may recall that Samsung was one of the first companies to produce a high-end player several months ago, when they introduced their Yepp E64 player. Because the E64 was such a beautiful and impressive player, we were eager to see what innovations its successor, the YP-NDU, would bring to the masses.
April 25th, 2001

Star Trek: Away Team Review

Activision combines team based action & strategy to form a title unlike any other Star Trek PC Game on the Market. Daryl discusses his experience in playing Star Trek Away Team.
April 24th, 2001

Tropico Preview

Welcome to Tropico, the new creation of PopTop and GODgames. Here you can fulfill all your wildest dreams of becoming a power-tripped dictator all with a few clicks of the mouse. From importing and exporting crappy cigars, to cheating in elections, and building those tourist attracting brothels, you truly are the man in control.
April 20th, 2001

Samsung SW212 12x8x32x CDRW Review

With 16x drives coming onto the market the price of 12x drives will soon be plunging due to the unstoppable forces of market satuaton. Into this fray jumps Samsung with their SW-212, a 12/8/32 CD-RW drive. With this drive, Samsung takes a bold approach; instead of using the delicious new BURN-Prof style technologies they slap on a whopping 8MB of buffer memory. Will this be enough to cover Samsung's gambit? Will their drive rise to fame as the king of 12x Burners or will it plunge into the depths of Buffer Underrun hell? Read this article to find out.
April 19th, 2001

Samsung SM304 DVD/CDRW Combo Review

DVD/CD-RW drives are quickly becoming more prevalent; and for good reason, too. DVD is the new standard for removable data, and most new computers now come equipped with a DVD drive, however a CD burner is still necessary for users who want to be able to distribute large data files and to support the huge installed base of CD-ROM drives. A combination DVD and CD-RW drive like the SM-304 would seem to fit these needs easily in a single, easy to use package.
April 18th, 2001

Europa Universalis Review

Spanning 300 years of Europe’s colourful history and giving you a potential of over “800+ named provinces” to conquer… err control, EU promises to give megalomaniacal gamers a chance to satisfy their dark urges for world exploration, conquest and of course, domination.
April 17th, 2001

Soyo K7VTA-B Socket A Motherboard Review

The Soyo K7VTA-B is an updated version of the K7VTA which was released back in November 2000. The major differences are the newer 82C686B south bridge (up from the 82C686A) and better overclocking support (namely in the way of an added clock multiplier setting). Since both boards make use of the aging VIA KT133 chipset, Soyo has also released the K7VTA Pro which uses the updated KT133A. Here is a terse comparison table between the three.
April 13th, 2001

Samsung QL-7050/N Laser Printer Review

The interest in a high-speed printer for the home and small office has been steadily on the rise, as the old adage “time is money” has become increasingly reflective of our often hectic lives. This could also be an extension of our love of more power and more speed – our CPUs are already past the Ghz mark, now let’s concentrate on speeding up everything else.
April 11th, 2001

Thermaltake Mini Super Orb DU0462-8 Review

Back in December of 2000, we reviewed the Thermaltake Super Orb – a large, sexy looking cooler in its day. The major problem with that particular cooler is its width which makes it near impossible to install it on some motherboards (most notably, the Abit KT7, the EPoX 8KTA3 and the FIC AZ11E). I say “near impossible” because with a little handy work and a few bent fins, the Super Orb (or SOrb as I like to call it) could be coerced into fitting.
April 10th, 2001

3 way 19” FlatScreen Monitor Shootout

Who wants to work in 800x600 resolution when the kid next door is pushing polygons in 1280x1024? Especially if 19inch monitors are now fast approaching the point where we found 17inchers only a year or two ago. A pimped up system, with oodles of RAM, a Ghz CPU, and a shiny GeForce 3 isn’t going to impress much when you don’t have enough screen real estate. So isn’t it time for an upgrade?
April 6th, 2001

Plextor Plexwriter 16/10/40A Review

The PX-W1610TA is part of the newest breed of CD-RW drives. Although it still retains the same rewrite speed as previous generations the PX-W1610TA comes with a 40x read speed and a wicked write speed of 16x supported by the incredible BURN-Proof technology. Watch as we explore the features of this new drive.
April 5th, 2001

Gigabyte GA-7ZXR Rev2.1 Socket A Motherboard Review

Another forerunner, the original GA-7ZX was one of the first Socket-A motherboards available based on VIA’s KT133 chipset, although it wasn’t anything special. Over time Gigabyte has continued to develop the board and the latest version is the GA-7ZXR rev2.1 which is very much improved mobo.
April 3rd, 2001

Soyo 7IS2 Socket 370 Motherboard Review

The SY-7IS2 is a Socket370 motherboard based on the Intel i815EP chipset. The i815E introduced ATA100 and a second USB controller to the i815 chipset and the only major difference with the i815EP is the removal of onboard video.
March 29th, 2001

Sony Digital Relay CD External CDRW/MP3 Player Review

A CD burner is a born match for a laptop computer; sharing files with clients is made much easier, plus the MP3 player functionality is useful for those long plane rides. The Sony Digital Relay (or CRX10U) seems like a perfect match for all of these cases.
March 28th, 2001

Icewind Dale Heart of Winter Review

Brought to you by the good folks at Black Isle Studios, Heart of Winter is the expansion to their successful AD&D based RPG Icewind Dale. Heart of Winter picks up almost immediately from where the original ends. Even with the defeat of Belhifet there is no rest for your hardy band of adventurers. A new threat to the Ten-Towns emerges when the barbarian hordes of the north become united under the banner of a mysterious, charismatic leader who has risen from the dead.
March 26th, 2001

SP Silent PC Combo Review

Noise. The bane of many people’s office-life and the blight of managers looking to increase productivity. Studies have shown that noise can not only reduce productivity, but also increase stress – not to mention the fact that it is annoying, something we don’t need a study to verify. In many business situations (radio stations, TV/music studios, etc…), the working environment demands silence.
March 23rd, 2001

SP Silent PC Combo Addendum

After posting the initial review of the Silent PC, we received a few comments from Thomas Schramm of SP North America. In light of these comments, this addendum will clarify a few fuzzy areas in the review and correct some of the factual errors that I made.
March 23rd, 2001

AOpen CRW1232 CDRW Drive Review

The AOpen CRW1232A is a 12x10x32x drive – the same speed as the Iomega ZipCD that we recently reviewed. One of the major differences between these two drives is that the AOpen drive uses Ricoh’s “JustLink” technology and the ZipCD makes use of Sanyo’s “BURN-Proof” technology. These technologies may have different names, but they share a common goal: to rid the CD-burning process of the revolting buffer-underrun.
March 22nd, 2001

Samsung ML-6060S Laser Printer Review

Samsung’s printer line-up consists primarily of three major series: the 4000 series, 6000 series, and 7000 series. With our review of the ML-4500 a few weeks ago we’ve already seen what their budget 4000 series can do. Now we take a look at the more robust ML-6060S, which promises to push the envelope in small office performance and quality.
March 20th, 2001

COMDEX Canada West 2001Report

COMDEX is a haven for anyone and everyone interested in today’s computing technology. The COMDEX that just about everyone knows about takes place in Las Vegas – the most recent one was held in the Fall of 2000 and hosted around 2000 exhibitors. COMDEX Canada West, which is held in Vancouver, BC, is a much more modest event with just over 100 exhibitors. While not the gala event that we know of COMDEX Las Vegas, COMDEX Canada West still has some interesting presentations and displays, including a sweet Quake3 setup.
March 15th, 2001