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Inno3D GeForce 3 Review

To meet the demanding requirements of today video games, you need a video card that can take the heat when things get tough. Inno3D has produced their version of nVidia’s GeForce3 much to gamers delight. This “bad boy” card has all the power to take-on today’s games and more.
December 10th, 2001

Gigabyte GA-7VTX Motherboard Review

Gigabyte is a well known and generally well-trusted motherboard manufacturer. They are also known for their regular and early support of AMD's latest and greatest. The GA-7VTX is a Socket A board based on the VIA KT266 chipset. The two major improvements this chipset brings to the table (over the recently declared, ancient KT133[A]) are Double Data Rate SDRAM and V-Link which is VIA's answer to Intel's interlink bus (dubbed the Interlink Hub Architecture).
December 7th, 2001

Divided Ground: Middle East Conflict Review

War games have covered many of the famous wars of modern history - the US Civil War, World War I, World War II, and more - in their many battles and theatres. The 20th century conflicts in the Middle East, however, are covered for the first time by a major player in this genre, Talonsoft. Talonsoft's Divided Ground: Middle East Conflict 1948-1973 chronicles first the war surrounding the birth of the modern state of Israel and its subsequent wars of survival in 1956, 1967, and 1973.
December 7th, 2001

Abit Siluro MX400 Review

Abit is well known for their motherboards. But did you know Abit makes other PCB devices? Abit has a cheap and fairly powerful Geforce2 MX based video card, the Siluro MX400, that has 64MB of SDRAM and features like TV-out and DVD decoding.
December 6th, 2001

Terratec M3Po Go MP3/CD Player Review

As another contender in the MP3/CD player market, TerraTec approaches as a relative newcomer. It’s only been founded in 1994, but already it is one of the largest sound card manufacturers in Germany. TerraTec’s latest offering is the M3Po Go, a MP3/CD disc player, which plays CD, CD-R and CD-RW discs.
November 29th, 2001

ATI Radeon 7500 Review

I would have to say that ATI has a tremendous job in giving nVidia a run for their money. The mainstream market is pretty much made up of these two giants. ATI’s Radeon chip series is a remarkable new chip technology. Designed for high-end graphic manipulation, the Radeon chip has proven to be more than just a regular video card.
November 28th, 2001

Xbox Birthday Bash Report

The Xbox, Microsoft's entry into the console videogame arena, is finally launching across North America and to celebrate its release here in Canada, Microsoft had organized the "Xbox Birthday Bash" event to kick off the system. Were there similiar events in your neighborhood? Held Wednesday evening at the Virgin Megastore in our fair city's downtown core, the public was allowed to try out various Xbox launch titles all set up at stations on Virgin's second floor.
November 15th, 2001

Samsung YEPP YP-30S Review

The Samsung YEPP YP-30S design is more suggestive of a futuristic pocket watch. The circular, easy-to-read LCD on the face of the unit even shows the date and time.
November 5th, 2001

Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis Review

Jump back in time to 1985. Soviet resistance groups are opposing Gorbachev’s new policies, and take over an island where NATO forces are stationed. In this warsim, you begin as an American soldier, fighting against the Soviets in this simulation.
November 2nd, 2001

AVC Soul DMP01 Portable MP3 Player

The AVC Soul MP3 Player looks like a typical portable CD player. However, this player has the capability to play normal CDs, MP3s, WMAs, and ASFs format on Regular CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs. This versatility makes this player a good alternative to SonicBlue's competing RioVolt player.
October 31st, 2001

Fujifilm FinePix 4800 Zoom

The Fujifilm FinePix 4800Zoom camera is a 4.3 megapixel camera that has some features you would not find in most other cameras. Its built-in movie mode allows you to record a video and sound clip. The voice recorder lets you make quick memos and attach them to your photographs. In addition, the camera can be used as a webcam.
October 26th, 2001

Echo Audio MIA Soundcard Review

A little known fact about the world of computer audio is there is a distinct difference between audiocards and soundcards; the most notable of which is the quality of analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion. That is, the quality of playing back and recording audio on a computer with an emphasis on the latter.
October 24th, 2001

Power Cooler PCH137 Review

CPU cooling is literarily the hottest topic in the PC market. AMD’s new processors above 1.4Ghz will need all the cooling it’s going to get. Especially, overclocking fans who push the limits of their cores will definitely need more powerful fans and specially designed heat sinks.
October 22nd, 2001

HP Jornada 565 PDA Review

The HP Jornada 565 comes with some improvements over the previous version, including a stylish new look, a more colorful 65,536-color reflective active matrix display and a new stylus. The Jornada now uses the newest Pocket PC 2002 operating system from Microsoft. In addition, HP includes a good software bundle with the device.
October 19th, 2001

Fujifilm FinePix 6900 Zoom

Over the past number of years, digital cameras have gained a lot of fans in the market. Most people are choosing the filmless, lightweight, small-size, slick-looking digital cameras over the old school, bulky optical counterparts. Realizing this trend, manufacturers, like Fujifilm, have spent more money and resources on the research and development of the digital imaging technology. And recently Fujifilm has released a new product, and we are lucky to get a unit for testing.
October 18th, 2001

Spire 5T060B1H3R Socket Cooler Review

Spire has come a long way to come up with a CPU cooler that fits the needs of today’s CPU cooling requirements. Their product 5T060B1H3R, named the “Big Rock”, is an oversized Aluminium heat sink monster with a 4200RPM fan.
October 17th, 2001

Soyo SY-K7V Dragon Review

The SOYO SY-K7V Dragon is a Socket-A board based on the VIA KT266. This board is geared toward the overclocking market with plenty of features which we will explore later in this review. One thing to note about this board is that it used VIA’s KT266 chipset which is competitive slower against AMD 760/1 and SiS 735 chipsets.
October 16th, 2001

Lexmark Z53 Review

Having reviewed virtually Lexmark’s entire Z line of printers, we’ve finally arrived at the current “flagship” consumer inkjet offered by Lexmark - the Z53. This printer $129US printer features the same general capabilities and 2400x1200dpi of the $99 Z43 with a faster 16ppm (black)/8ppm (colour) print speed.
October 10th, 2001

Olympus C-700 Ultra Zoom Review

The C-700 Ultra Zoom is the third Olympus digicam that has been reviewed by us at Neoseeker, and each one fits into its own product category. The first one we reviewed being the E-100 Rapid Shot, an excellent choice for high quality, high action photos; the second, the E-10, with its superior image quality for the most demanding projects; and now the C-700, a feature packed, consumer-level digicam.
October 9th, 2001

Speeze 5E055B1H3R Socket 370/A Cooler Review

Games and multi-tasking can really turn up the heat on your CPU. If you suffer from a smoking hot core you might what to try Speeze?s new cooling solution. Speeze?s new product 5E055B1H3R, named the ?Copper Rock?, is supposedly the smaller brother of the ?Big Rock?. It would nice to see how the ?Copper Rock? compares to its Big Brother.
October 5th, 2001

Independence War 2 Review

Like many other games of this genre, I-War 2 features the usual list of mission types, from escort, and defence, to assaults and recon missions. However, they are varied enough that it’s difficult to get bored of them, and some missions are actually somewhat humourous in nature.
October 4th, 2001

Kodak MC3 Portable Multimedia Device Review

The Kodak MC3 is really all about features. It is loaded to the brim with tons and tons features. It captures full motion video, shoots digital pictures and plays MP3s. In addition, it is loaded with tons and tons of software to make the most out of this compact all-in-one wonder.
October 3rd, 2001

Olympus DM-1 Digital Voice Recorder

Unlike most other units, the Olympus DM-1 digital voice recorder and music player is actually targeted at corporate consumers, moving away from the already densely populated mainstream MP3 market. It is touted as a voice recorder, first, setting its sights at dictation oriented consumers.
October 1st, 2001

Lexmark Z43 Color Inkjet Printer Review

After having reviewed the impressive Z33 budget printer, we decided to take a look at some more of Lexmark’s offerings. Thus we were faced with the $99US Z43, which features a 2400x1200dpi for both black and white prints in all paper types. It also lays claim to a speedy 12ppm black and 6ppm color print speed.
September 28th, 2001

Handspring Visor Prism Review

The HandSpring Visor Prism is the first HandSpring Visor with a color display. The backlit active-matrix LCD display supports 16-bit color, which means that it is of capable of displaying 65.536 distinct colors on the 160x160 active matrix color screen.
September 26th, 2001