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RCA Kazoo Review

Consumers have been assaulted by the overly competitive MP3 player marketplace in recent months and very little has made its way to stand out in the forefront. However, to some avail a few MP3 players still using built-in memory or smart media cards have made a name for themselves due to their advantage of being smaller and furthermore trendy. These smaller portable devices are easy to tuck away and forget about but yet are able to retain the same qualities of common portable CD players and larger MP3 players.
January 23rd, 2002

Ego Sys Wami Box Review

Recording high quality audio on your desktop or workstation is great, but often times it isn’t exactly convenient. At a gig, recording a live performance for instance. Sure a minidisk would be fine, but what if you wanted to put out a decent quality, live CD – you’d need some multi-track capabilities (at least two tracks, for the left and right channels).
January 20th, 2002

Mechwarrior 4 Dark Knight Expansion Review

Black Knight’s story picks up the right after the events of MW4. While doing routine mercenary missions (i.e. clearing out pirate scum) your mercenary company is hired by House Steiner to quell the rebellion on Kentares IV and defeat Ian Dresari. Sensing that a lot of money could be made doing this, your mercenary company decides to go along with this and starts hitting the Dresari forces.
January 20th, 2002

Kenwood DPC-MP922 Portable MP3 CD Player Review

We all know MP3's are here to stay even with the fall of the once popular Napster. But do MP3 CD players have what it takes to stick around with the new devices out there today? I'm thinking about the iPod and Nomad in particular. These 2 devices have changed the landscape of MP3 playing, in the portable sense.
January 17th, 2002

Dark Age of Camelot Review

Over the last few years we have seen the creation and rapid expansion of the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game genre. Although Ultima Online didn’t really start the genre, it did a lot to popularize the idea of a virtual world where many people could congregate online and interact with each other. As if a game of this kind wasn’t addictive enough for some people, the transition from a 2D world to a 3D one surely made it so.
January 17th, 2002

Batman Vengeance PS2 Review

Based on Paul Dini and Bruce Timm's TV series, Ubi Soft's Batman: Vengeance is the best Batman game in years. The whole animation style and presentation has been brilliantly created to give you the feeling of being inside one of the series’ episodes with its re-constructed 3D environment of Gotham City and over 40 minutes of gripping cinematics featuring the original voice cast of TV's The New Batman Adventures.
January 15th, 2002

Final Fantasy X Review

When you’re playing a video game, there’s no bigger complement to pay it than to wish that it was over just so that you could play it all over again. That’s what I felt playing Final Fantasy X. This installment of Square’s flagship series makes good use of the PS2; bending some time-tested FF traditions while outright breaking others.
January 8th, 2002

OCZ Dominator 2 Review

I have the privilege to test another one of OCZ’s products. This time it’s a heat sink fan. I have to say that OCZ has had a long-standing record of producing top quality product so I shouldn’t be disappointed by its performance. The question here is that new XP AMD processors above 1.4Ghz are heating up much faster than the K6 series.
January 8th, 2002

Fuzion Frenzy Review

Hmmm, better late than never with a review for an Xbox launch title, I suppose! :( Seeing as how it's been a while since Fuzion Frenzy has appeared on store shelves in November along with the Xbox, we'll cut straight to the chase and start doling out the impressions of this multiplayer party game.
January 4th, 2002

Samsung SyncMaster 170T Review

LCD monitor prices are continuing to drop, and perhaps this holiday season is the time to invest in an ergonomic display. If you already own an LCD screen, then perhaps it’s time to upgrade to a 17” model; I know I want to. We have reviewed numerous amounts of LCD monitors, and the display under the scope today is none other than the Samsung 170T. Samsung is well known for their line of displays and is a leader in innovation. The 170T did not disappoint.
December 28th, 2001

Conquest: Frontier Wars Review

It seems that no review of Conquest: Frontier Wars would be complete without first giving a mention about its tumultuous past. Highly anticipated by many, C:FW almost never made it out of the construction queue.
December 28th, 2001

Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer Review

Logitech was first to market with a mouse that was both wireless, and optical. Their wireless MouseMan Optical is to date one of my favourite mice thanks to its ergonomic design, cordless convenience, and precision control. But just because Logitech got the jump on Microsoft didn’t mean they had won the game just yet, so it was no surprise that Microsoft would come tearing down the peripherals straightaway with the Porsche of cordless mice: the all-new Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer.
December 25th, 2001

AMK Lian Li PC-67 Aluminum Case Review

If you haven’t played with an aluminum case in person yet it’s really quite something different. Not only are they amazingly great looking, they have awesome heat conductivity and are many times lighter then regular cases. Lian-Li is one of those notable computer chassis manufacturers now known for their alluring aluminum computer cases. They make an entire lineup of aluminum PC cases for just about any type of use.
December 21st, 2001

Jekyll & Hyde Review

Inspired by the novel of Robert Louis Stevenson and developed by DreamCatcher, in this 3D real-time action/adventure PC game, players take on the persona of Dr. Henry Jekyll fighting evil and exploring the dark and unnerving atmosphere of London at the end of the 19th century. After the death of Dr. Jekyll’s wife, four years ago, he took the irrevocable decision to abandon his research on the separation of the good and evil lurking in every human being.
December 20th, 2001

Digisette DUO-64 MP3 Player Review

To most, being “two-faced” is an undesirable trait to have. However, in the Digisette Duo-64’s case, it is more than a welcomed attribute. The Duo-64 functions both as a personal MP3 player and a self-contained MP3 cassette adapter – all in one.
December 19th, 2001

Luigi's Mansion Review

Mario, Mario, Mario. You might be able to take out poor defenseless turtles. You might be able to step on walking mushrooms who are angry only in appearance but misinformed and misunderstood at heart. You might be able "grow larger" whenever you "absorb the magic" of those Magic Mushrooms. And you still get the girl. But when it comes to the dark majesty of the children of the night, your portly self is suddenly powerless (not that it was ever powerFUL).
December 17th, 2001

AMD Athlon XP 1800+ Review

The competition between AMD and Intel has escalated even more with the release of AMD’s XP 1800+. If you look at what AMD is up against, you see it’s an uphill battle all the way to the top with Intel’s chips at 2000MHz.
December 13th, 2001

Wave Race: Blue Storm Review

It's been a while since we've last seen Wave Race, Nintendo's very own jet-ski racing game series. Sequel to Wave Race 64, Wave Race: Blue Storm is no less than a launch title for the Nintendo GameCube, and not a bad one at that.
December 12th, 2001

HP Laserjet 1200 Review

The HP laserjet 1200 is a high-speed midrange laser printer with few of the frills, but all of the charm of an office or home HP printer. I’ve used HP printers for over 10 years and the 1200 offers the familiar feel of its long standing line of printers, with one of those new age, small footprint designs.
December 12th, 2001

Belkin Nostromo n50 & Nostromo n30 Review

Belkin is a company that manufactures a lot of products that can be found in many a computer stores' accessories section. They make everything from wrist pads, mouse pads, armrests…. almost every accessory out there. Until recently, Belkin had not been active in the gaming industry and its many related products. But now, Belkin steps into the gaming grounds with its new line of Nostromo line of products, not one but five – everything from "game pads" to "Speedpads". Two products I have for review today are just two of the complete gaming line of Nostromo products, the n50 Speedpad and the n30 GameMouse.
December 11th, 2001

Inno3D GeForce 3 Review

To meet the demanding requirements of today video games, you need a video card that can take the heat when things get tough. Inno3D has produced their version of nVidia’s GeForce3 much to gamers delight. This “bad boy” card has all the power to take-on today’s games and more.
December 10th, 2001

Gigabyte GA-7VTX Motherboard Review

Gigabyte is a well known and generally well-trusted motherboard manufacturer. They are also known for their regular and early support of AMD's latest and greatest. The GA-7VTX is a Socket A board based on the VIA KT266 chipset. The two major improvements this chipset brings to the table (over the recently declared, ancient KT133[A]) are Double Data Rate SDRAM and V-Link which is VIA's answer to Intel's interlink bus (dubbed the Interlink Hub Architecture).
December 7th, 2001

Divided Ground: Middle East Conflict Review

War games have covered many of the famous wars of modern history - the US Civil War, World War I, World War II, and more - in their many battles and theatres. The 20th century conflicts in the Middle East, however, are covered for the first time by a major player in this genre, Talonsoft. Talonsoft's Divided Ground: Middle East Conflict 1948-1973 chronicles first the war surrounding the birth of the modern state of Israel and its subsequent wars of survival in 1956, 1967, and 1973.
December 7th, 2001

Abit Siluro MX400 Review

Abit is well known for their motherboards. But did you know Abit makes other PCB devices? Abit has a cheap and fairly powerful Geforce2 MX based video card, the Siluro MX400, that has 64MB of SDRAM and features like TV-out and DVD decoding.
December 6th, 2001

Terratec M3Po Go MP3/CD Player Review

As another contender in the MP3/CD player market, TerraTec approaches as a relative newcomer. It’s only been founded in 1994, but already it is one of the largest sound card manufacturers in Germany. TerraTec’s latest offering is the M3Po Go, a MP3/CD disc player, which plays CD, CD-R and CD-RW discs.
November 29th, 2001