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Samsung 171P TFT LCD Review

Porsche. Does that attract your attention? Well, to many, just the name will perk heads. Samsung’s new 171P 17” TFT LCD monitor designed by F.A. Porsche Designs will definitely appeal to many people. So, you may be asking whether it really makes a difference to have a product designed by a professional design team that incorporates style, fashion, and usability.
July 10th, 2002

Lian Li PC-50 Aluminum Tower Review

Aluminum cases have taken the computer community by storm. Over the past couple of years, such cases have become more and more popular among custom PC builders and gamers all over the world. Although there are considerable advantages of an aluminum case, suffice it to say that price is the only thing holding the common computer user from purchasing these cases.
July 4th, 2002

Matrox Parhelia Launch Review

The last time I heard from Matrox was the release of their G550 multi-display graphics card. For a long time, I thought nVidia had beaten them but boy was I wrong. Matrox is back and with a powerhouse, the Parhelia. This card is the first graphics card to utilize 512 bit graphics. Designed to handle multiple displays, the Parhelia has a powerful engine that will provide a worthy challenge to existing ATI and nVidia boards.
June 25th, 2002

Samsung 152T TFT LCD Review

LCD screens are becoming more and more common in recent times especially in the corporate workspace. Some find LCD’s save space, some like how they look and others just like the thin screen. But is there any real performance increase over conventional CRT monitors for the casual user to spend extra money for a LCD one?
June 21st, 2002

AOpen AX4B Max Motherboard Review

Todays board the AX4B Max uses Intels 845D chipset which brings DDR to the 100Mhz FSB processors. This chipset is targeted to the lower end market. When properly tweaked the 845D can offer performance that rivals the 850 at a considerably lower cost.
June 20th, 2002

Casio Cassiopeia Pocket Manager BE-300 Review

Casio has been building its Cassiopeia line for a long period of time now and has since branched its Portable Digital Assistant [PDA] line to cover professionals and students in different environments. The variety can cater to a number of environments and Casio tailors its durability and software to suit those needs.
June 19th, 2002

E3 2002 Report

Many people would do anything short of selling off their own family members to attend an event such as this. The biggest exposition of next gen gaming in the 2002/2003 year for North America. This year I was very fortunate to take part in this event and break it down to everyone else in this writeup. The expo this year consisted of games and features to steal just about anyone's eyes if they were in the right direction. Companies like Nintendo, Logitech, Microsoft, Sony and others went all out to showcase their new products and impress the crowds.
June 19th, 2002

Morrowind Review

Most would agree that the RPG genre is going through another one of its periodic revivals at this point in time. Along with Dungeon Siege and the upcoming Neverwinter Nights, one of the most talked about RPGs coming out this year is definitely Bethesda Softworks’ Morrowind, the third game in the Elder Scrolls RPG series. Several years in the making after its first two successful predecessors (Arena and Daggerfall), Morrowind has had its fair share of hype and expectations.
June 14th, 2002

High End Ram Roundup

The high end memory market is pushed by the overclocking crowd. The biggest example of this is DDR 400 being around and easy to get a hold of. Yet chipset currently only officially support DDR333. JEDEC has even approved PC2700 (DDR333). Memory companies are even doing quite a bit of overclocking themselves. Taking DDR333 modules and testing them to much higher speeds. We are taking 6 different sticks for a spin today from 4 different manufacturers.
June 14th, 2002

Coolermaster ATC-210-VX2 Case Review

Most of you have probably already heard of aluminum cases. In fact, some of you might have already jumped on the aluminum case bandwagon. But for those looking for or intending to buy one in the future, I’ve got one for you to look at today.
June 12th, 2002

MSI Geforce 4 Ti4600 Review

MSI is a well known motherboard manufacturer and they have packaged together the newest nVidia based graphics card, the Geforce4 Ti4600.
June 7th, 2002

Building Your Own PC: A Newbie’s Guide

Building a computer is actually much easier than most people would first assume. In fact, in most cases (no pun intended), you need very little computer experience to do it yourself. You will, however, need to be somewhat technically inclined as far as using your hands is concerned.
May 31st, 2002

FIC VC15 Motherboard Review

FIC has been around since the 80's and produces motherboards, video cards, PC systems and mobile devices. They've made a name for themselves in the low-cost basic boards arena. The Intel 845D chipset is geared directly towards that.
May 30th, 2002

Dungeon Siege Review

Famous for their hit RTS game Total Annihilation, Chris Taylor’s Gas Powered Games’ forges have produced the latest action-based RPG to hit the shelves; Dungeon Siege. Promising many hours of gameplay in a continuous world (i.e. no “zones” to load), lots of eye candy, and ease of modification for those who are so inclined, DS appears to be poised to become one of the top games to come out this year, at least on paper. Does it deliver on its promises, or is it merely (as some people describe it) a Diablo clone?
May 29th, 2002

Antec 80mm & 92mm Case Fan Review

Summer is approaching soon and what better time to upgrade that computer of yours. Why not add a couple of new case fans and maybe a few case mods to keep those summer temperatures down? Well, Antec’s got the perfect solution for you then.
May 28th, 2002

Samsung 760V TFT LCD Review

The Samsung 760V TFT LCD comes from a long line of LCDs from Samsung this year. When I first got my hands on this LCD, I was expecting quite a bit from it since I’ve tested a number of LCDs already, including several Samsung ones. The design and style of this LCD definitely fit in with the new LCDs from Samsung over the last year or two. I just hope more manufacturers would consider aesthetics and design more when they make a new product. I mean you want to buy a quality LCD with as good an image quality as you can get for the price. But then who really wants to buy a $700 monitor (LCD, in this case) that looks ugly? I have seen quite a few out there that look really bad, and I cannot understand why manufacturers do not pick up on this; but enough about aesthetics and style. In addition to design qualities, the Samsung 760V does have a lot to offer at a very competitive price.
May 24th, 2002

Newbie's Multimedia Speaker System Buyer's Guide

Multimedia speakers have come a long way. Today's offerings are considerably closer to midrange sound systems than they ever have been and the trend will only continue in that direction. Digital music, convergence and the Internet have all but guaranteed that the PC will become a general purpose multimedia device where once it was first used to do work and then to play games.
May 22nd, 2002

Samsung SC-152L 52X CD-ROM Drive Review

With the market trend leaning towards DVD and CD-RW players these days, it’s easy to see why there’s been decreasing emphasis on CD ROM players. However, for those that could care less and just need the basics to replace their clunky old CD-ROM drive, take a peek at the Samsung SC-152L, a 52X CD ROM player. Specifications
May 17th, 2002

Soyo KT333 Dragon Ultra Motherboard Review

Since the release of the KT266, Soyo has been producing a fine line of "Dragon" named motherboards that include plenty of onboard goodies that are geared more towards the high end market. What does the KT333 offer over the older KT266a? Really only two things. The first one is the ability to run your memory asynchronous with your CPU bus. When your processor is running on a 133/266 bus, you can have your RAM running at 166/333 at the same time. This gives you a 25% increase in theoretical memory bandwidth. The second new feature is an improvement in the South Bridge to support ATA 133.
May 15th, 2002

Neoseeker Server Project 2002

In early 2001, we were caught by surprise when our server started going ballistic. As more and more users became aware of Neoseeker’s existence, our traffic had slowly started to mount up - to the point where we were literally growing too fast for the server to keep up. We had already undergone several painful server transitions, and we were faced with the hard decision of HOW to alleviate the server load.
May 10th, 2002

CPU & Chipset Lapping Guide

Every metal surface on every heatsink that I have ever seen has a lot of little imperfections in them. It simply isn't possible for the manufacturers to produce perfectly flat bottomed heatsinks. They are good enough for you to use but by doing something called lapping you can usually lower your temps a few degrees. Any real mod freak will want to lap the heatsink on your northbridge as well as the one on your CPU. Today we will be lapping our Northbridge heatsink but you can use the same principles on your CPU and heatsink.
April 30th, 2002

P4 Cooler Shootout

Modern day CPUs are capable of producing more heat than a toaster. Because of this, CPU coolers are necessary to prevent your $300 CPU from frying. Without proper cooling, a CPU could easily burn out in less than ten seconds. We will look at several coolers for the Intel Pentium 4 processor of the 478-pin variety.
April 26th, 2002

Optical Drive Tweak Guide

Many of you have 40+ speed cd drives or 10+ speed DVD drives and don’t even think about tweaking them out because you figure that is fast enough. Well guess what. It COULD be faster. We’re going to show you exactly what you have to do. We’ll start you out with the basics.
April 23rd, 2002

Epox 8K3A+ Motherboard Review

Epox has been catering towards the more extreme overclocking crowd for a while now. I've been voltage modding boards for a while now and Epox has been taking the fun out of things lately by offering the kinds of voltages that would normally require a resistor being soldered onto a small IC chip.
April 17th, 2002

AOpen MS-900 5.1 Speakers Review

Still have a pair of $20 speakers cranking out your games, MP3s and -- dare I ask -- DVD movies? It’s easy to see why, though; for most, speakers are probably the least regarded component in a complete PC system.
April 16th, 2002