Assassin's Creed Unity screenshots show Arno being both suave and sneaky, some co-op action

He is a man with many faces, it seems

Tue 3:18pm, by Lydia Sung | 4 comments
Team SoloMid defeats Cloud 9 in League of Legends' North American LCS Summer Split finals

Both teams conquer adversity and prove they're NA's best

Tue 2:40pm, by Rory Young | 3 comments
WildStar to transition to Megaservers, in the mean time free server transfers are now available

Home is where you can find a freakin' dungeon group

Tue 12:50pm, by Rory Young | 0 comments
Bungie launches Destiny 'Planet View,' a way to explore in-game locations using Google tech

Like using Google Earth on other planets!

Tue 12:19pm, by Lydia Sung | 3 comments
The Sims 4 day one patch addresses bug and crash issues, including Grim Reaper dating

It seems like death really doesn't like picking up the tab for dinner

Tue 12:17pm, by Matt Newbould | 7 comments
Persona 5 confirmed for PlayStation 4, time freezes for one shaggy-haired student in Shibuya

I need a nickname for this shaggy-haired protagonist

Mon 1:45am, by Rory Young | 12 comments
Dragon Quest comes to PlayStation 4 with musou title Dragon Quest: Heroes

Japan's taking a liking to the PlayStation 4

Mon 1:11am, by Rory Young | 12 comments
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Season Pass announced, covers four DLC packs with $10 difference

Plus the Shock Drop Slaughter Pit pre-order bonus

Sun 6:38pm, by Lydia Sung | 13 comments
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor trailer introduces the lovable and disgusting Ratbag, an orc ally

He seems to get along well with most people

Fri 5:41pm, by Lydia Sung | 2 comments
Assassin's Creed Unity needs more development time, delayed until early November

No longer coming in October, oops

Fri 5:30pm, by Lydia Sung | 13 comments
Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell standalone expansion coming 2015, plus Saints Row IV for new gen

Things are about to get even more ridiculous

Fri 12:01pm, by Lydia Sung | 12 comments
Nintendo reveals upgraded 'New 3DS' with second analog stick, boosted hardware

That holiday 2DS bundle ain't lookin so hot anymore

Fri 11:09am, by Rory Young | 78 comments