Tembo the Badass Elephant is Game Freak's upcoming PC, X1 and PS4 action-platformer

Alright, I admit it, there are no dinosaurs here and that's 100% okay

Wed 8:09pm, by Rory Young | 4 comments
Uncharted 4, the PlayStation 4's biggest release of 2015, has been delayed into 2016

Nathan Drake needs a few more months shut-eye on that beach

Wed 3:48pm, by Rory Young | 5 comments
Respawn celebrates Titanfall anniversary by making all map packs free

Just their way of saying thanks

Wed 2:30pm, by Lydia Sung | 1 comment
Project CARS skipping April in another delay, now set for mid-May release

Third time's the charm, as they say

Wed 1:32pm, by Lydia Sung | 3 comments
Neople's Dungeon Fighter Online 'Global Release' teaser hypes March 24 open beta

Freed from the shackles of a North American publisher, DFO lives once more

Wed 3:11am, by Rory Young | 16 comments
Lost Within announced by Prey developers Human Head for iOS and Amazon devices

So long as there's a publisher, a proper thinking Human Head will develop any game

Tue 1:00am, by Rory Young | 1 comment
'Atlus Mugged' trailer teases Tales from the Borderlands' March 17 launch for Episode 2

Kids, don't stick strange flash drives in your neural USB slots

Tue 12:23am, by Rory Young | 2 comments
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel DLC Claptastic Voyage raises cap to 70, available March 24

If you haven't had enough of Claptrap already, then this will do it

Mon 8:17pm, by Rory Young | 10 comments
Final Fantasy XIV's Heavensward expansion arrives June 23, trailer tours Ishgard, Dravania and beyond

Final Fantasy XIV ascends just two years after nearly being buried

Mon 3:07pm, by Rory Young | 0 comments
Hearthstone goes adventuring in Blackrock Mountain, 31 cards to be added

First came Naxxramus and now Blackrock Mountain awaits

Mon 2:40pm, by Rory Young | 5 comments
Guild Wars 2 celebrating PAX East this weekend with massive 75 percent discount

Another sale, but not your usual half-off special

Fri 2:21pm, by Lydia Sung | 3 comments
Blizzard unveils new 'Overwatch' character Zarya, proving women come in all sizes

Proving Blizzard does, in fact, listen to the fans

Fri 1:24pm, by Lydia Sung | 15 comments
Rock Band 4 is headed to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, more details coming in May

Harmonix celebrates with free Rock Band 3 DLC

Thu 1:29pm, by Lydia Sung | 6 comments