Pokémon GO 1.3.0 update rolls out field test for new tracking system, battery saver returns to iOS

Pikachu's going to have a hard time hiding now

Aug 09 at 10:51am, by Philip Moody | 18 comments
Super Mario 3D Land gets New 3DS bundle as new titles join Nintendo Selects collection

Spend that back to school money on Nintendo games, not books

Aug 09 at 10:25am, by Philip Moody | 5 comments
Indie adventure The Girl and the Robot escapes on August 18

Help the heroine escape with her not-so-giant robot

Aug 08 at 3:01pm, by Maxfield Navarro | 1 comment
Rumor: Nintendo NX lineup to deliver new Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Pokémon titles in the first six months

Breath of the Wild may be in NX's launch window

Aug 08 at 11:14am, by Maxfield Navarro | 1 comment
No Man's Sky day one patch adds multiple endings, requires new save file to experience

Early copies say goodbye to your save files

Aug 08 at 11:13am, by Philip Moody | 4 comments
PlayStation Neo reportedly planned to be revealed on September 7 in New York City

Still a month away from learning the real name

Aug 08 at 10:42am, by Philip Moody | 1 comment
Rumble mode comes to Rocket League in September, battle it out with randomized items

Nothing says "satisfying" like The Boot

Aug 07 at 10:01pm, by Maxfield Navarro | 1 comment
Rumor: Blizzard to announce Starcraft remaster in September, details at Blizzcon

No word on a Starcraft 1 championship though

Aug 05 at 10:10am, by Philip Moody | 3 comments
New Steam gifting restrictions prevent saving VAC enabled games for later

Don't gift to cheaters, either

Aug 05 at 8:59am, by Philip Moody | 7 comments
Disney 16-bit classic games make their PC debut, but they're retailer exclusive

Disney's bringing the bare necessities to PC

Aug 04 at 11:19am, by Philip Moody | 12 comments
World of Warcraft: Legion "Harbingers" video focuses on Illidan, you are prepared

Ten years later, Illidan finally notices us

Aug 04 at 10:26am, by Philip Moody | 1 comment

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