The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited goes live, making TESO officially free to play

Something to tide us over until the next Elder Scrolls

Tue 10:13pm, by Lydia Sung | 8 comments
Guild Wars 2 update introduces content streaming, completely overhauls stability buff

This game just got a lot more interesting

Mon 7:51pm, by Lydia Sung | 5 comments
Rumor: What is Joe Montana Football 16? [Update: Another Joe Montana tweet to consider]

Update Joe Montana Football 16 is real, but is it a licensed NFL game?

Mon 1:24pm, by Rory Young | 12 comments
PlayStation 4 players receive free multiplayer for the weekend, March 20-22

Enjoy it while it lasts!

Mon 12:00pm, by Rory Young | 2 comments
LEGO Jurassic World in-game cinematic trailer full of running, screaming, Jeff Goldblum

The Grand Budapest Hotel and now this? Jeff Goldblum makin' a comeback

Mon 11:28am, by Rory Young | 9 comments
Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pack DLC announced to include Friday the 13th's Jason Voorhees

To be honest, Jason isn't half the psycho as some of this roster

Fri 8:14pm, by Rory Young | 12 comments
Homefront: The Revolution delayed into 2016 by Deep Silver

Dambuster Studios tasked with development

Fri 12:56am, by Lydia Sung | 0 comments
Beautiful soundtrack to indie Xbox One action platformer 'Ori and the Blind Forest' out now

Worth a play, and then have a listen

Thu 10:19pm, by Lydia Sung | 0 comments
February NPD Number Crunch: Nintendo drops an XL-sized moon on industry

New 3DS XL was all Nintendo needed to drive hardware

Thu 5:36pm, by Leo Chan | 12 comments
Evolve's first round of free maps, Broken Hill's Mine and Foundry, are Xbox One exclusive for a month

Man, why does all this DLC stuff have to be so complicated?

Thu 4:08pm, by Rory Young | 4 comments
The Cage family stars in newest Mortal Kombat X trailer, bringing back Sonya and Johnny

And their daughter, Cassie, of course

Thu 3:24pm, by Lydia Sung | 4 comments