New Metal Gear Solid V trailer from Sony celebrates the history of the series on PlayStation platforms

"28 years of waiting will be rewarded"

Wed 11:03am, by Luke Gillespie | 5 comments
Final Fantasy VII is available on iOS today, relive the epic struggle against Shinra

Off course I'm picking this up

Wed 10:55am, by Philip Moody | 3 comments
Team Fortress 2 introduces new PASS Time beta game mode

RED and BLU teams take their ongoing battle to the sports field

Wed 10:48am, by Luke Gillespie | 1 comment
Tales of Zestiria coming to North America via PlayStation consoles and PC on October 20

This is only nine months after the original Japanese release

Tue 8:50pm, by Maxfield Navarro | 1 comment
Super Mario Maker revisits Mario Paint with a playable title screen full of Easter Eggs

Get your SNES Mouse ready, kids

Tue 11:48am, by Maxfield Navarro | 2 comments
Rainbow Six Siege pushed back to December, closed beta still set for September 24

The Ubisoft Delay strikes again

Tue 11:40am, by Maxfield Navarro | 3 comments
Activision reveals Skylanders BattleCast, new card game based on popular toys-to-life series

The series that practically prints money now prints trading cards too

Tue 11:34am, by Maxfield Navarro | 1 comment
Batman: Arkham Knight's August DLC now live, Dark Knight Batmobile coming in September

The only thing Batman loves more than bat gadgets is the Batmobile

Tue 11:29am, by Philip Moody | 2 comments
Grandia II Anniversary Edition arrives on PC this August 24th

Play Grandia's sequel like never before with remastered PC port

Tue 11:07am, by Luke Gillespie | 2 comments
Digimon World: Next Order high-res screenshots showcase a new look for the series

Digimon World's visuals can digivolve too

Tue 10:55am, by Luke Gillespie | 3 comments
Sony confirms Playstation conference schedule for Paris Games Week

What could Sony have planned for the end of the year?

Tue 10:39am, by Luke Gillespie | 0 comments
Alleria Windrunner returns to duel Medivh in this week's Hearthstone tavern brawl

There's Alleria, but what about Turalyon

Tue 9:48am, by Philip Moody | 5 comments
Squid kids, roll out! Autobots vs Decepticons is Splatoon's next splatfest

This splatfest is more than meets the eye

Tue 9:20am, by Philip Moody | 11 comments
Nvidia's GeForce GTX 950 card has been leaked and will be available August 20

Gorgeous looking games on a budget

Mon 5:29pm, by Philip Moody | 7 comments