Pokémon GO faces class action lawsuit over Pokémon spawns on private property

Great Detective Pikachu may need some Ace Attorney help

Aug 17 at 10:06am, by Philip Moody | 22 comments
Nioh beta begins August 23rd, promising more weapons and challenges

Beta features improvements based on player feedback from alpha test

Aug 17 at 9:53am, by Leo Chan | 0 comments
Twitch buys VoIP and game mod host Curse for undisclosed amount

Curse Client may be renamed

Aug 16 at 3:21pm, by Philip Moody | 3 comments
Rumor: Kingdom Hearts III momentarily listed for Nintendo NX by EB Games Australia

Sora could finally be returning to Nintendo

Aug 16 at 2:57pm, by Philip Moody | 7 comments
Final Fantasy XV hour-long gameplay video brings the road trip to life on PS4, Xbox One

A formidable foe awaits! Better have some of Ignis' cooking first

Aug 16 at 2:20pm, by Leo Chan | 1 comment
Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse trailer shows how to survive in Tokyo

It's dangerous to just rush in

Aug 16 at 1:46pm, by Philip Moody | 0 comments
Xotic PC introduces new line of gaming laptops powered by NVIDIA 10-series GPUs

GTX 980 laptops are so 2015

Aug 15 at 10:04pm, by Philip Moody | 4 comments
Affinix Software finally releases GBC RPG Infinity for free after 15 years

And you thought the Gameboy Color was a thing of the past

Aug 15 at 1:09pm, by Philip Moody | 8 comments
PlayStation 4 firmware update 4.00 adds folders and an overhauled UI

Organizing games just got so much easier

Aug 15 at 12:23pm, by Philip Moody | 7 comments
Final Fantasy XV delayed to November 29

If it helps, the game is basically close enough to have gone gold

Aug 15 at 11:15am, by Leo Chan | 22 comments
Corsair and MSI team up to release liquid cooled GTX 1080 for $749

40C temps? Sign me up

Aug 12 at 12:50pm, by Philip Moody | 11 comments
South Park: The Fractured But Whole's Nosulus Rift will let you smell your farts

What's in a fart, anyway?

Aug 12 at 11:56am, by Philip Moody | 16 comments
Nordic Games reincorporates as THQ Nordic, announces 13 new projects

THQ makes its return

Aug 12 at 10:52am, by Philip Moody | 6 comments
Mega Man X now available on New Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console

A timeless classic now in the palm of your hand

Aug 11 at 11:56am, by Philip Moody | 5 comments

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