Summon Night 6 crosses borders with hefty Wonderful Edition bundle

That's one way to make Summon Night legit outside of Japan

Mon 1:28pm, by Leo Chan | 6 comments
Pokémon GO responsible for falling Nintendo stocks, Slowpoke finally caught on

Whoops, should've done your research

Mon 11:51am, by Philip Moody | 17 comments
Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV will release in theaters August 19, see Lucis on the silver screen

Regis paves the way for Noctis in a big way

Mon 11:31am, by Philip Moody | 1 comment
FFXIV x Yo-kai Watch collaboration event starts next week

If grinding the Palace of the Dead wasn't enough for you

Jul 22 at 5:00pm, by Leo Chan | 6 comments
Conception II brings classmating season to Steam this August 15

When hero meets heroine, something magical happens for the sake of dungeon crawling

Jul 22 at 1:04pm, by Leo Chan | 7 comments
World of Warcraft: Legion beta preview: Havoc Demon Hunter

You are now prepared

Jul 22 at 10:51am, by Philip Moody | 4 comments
Pokémon GO now available in Japan, and it's already banned in some places

Leave your great balls at home

Jul 22 at 6:55am, by Philip Moody | 6 comments
NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang interrupts AI meetup with Pascal Titan X reveal

Why host another event when you can just hijack this one?

Jul 21 at 9:21pm, by Philip Moody | 0 comments
June NPD: It's still High Noon for Overwatch at retail

And DOOM is still rippin' and tearin' during summer slump

Jul 21 at 4:16pm, by Leo Chan | 14 comments
No Man's Sky dev Hello Games in hot water over alleged use of superformula

No Man's Sky may not be cleared for liftoff next month

Jul 21 at 11:46am, by Philip Moody | 9 comments
Compile Heart launches new countdown timer, prepare for more Gamindustri

Looks like Neptunia's going on another adventure

Jul 21 at 11:14am, by Philip Moody | 3 comments
Pokémon GO trainer has caught 'em all and become the very best

Show's over folks, time to pack it up and go home

Jul 21 at 10:28am, by Philip Moody | 19 comments
Pokémon GO: The Good, Bad, and Romantic wrapped into one money-making app

Graveler shakes the augmented-reality Pokémon world

Jul 20 at 2:25pm, by Maxfield Navarro | 10 comments
New Rise of the Tomb Raider trailer celebrates 20 years of an icon

Twenty years of tomb raiding

Jul 20 at 11:58am, by Philip Moody | 0 comments

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