Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past comes west on 3DS September 16

100+ hours of pure RPG goodness in the palm of your hands

Jun 17 at 2:00pm, by Philip Moody | 6 comments
Platinum Games wants to make Bayonetta 3, Amaterasu may return in a new Okami

E3 Bayonetta may bewitch the NX

Jun 17 at 1:49pm, by Philip Moody | 8 comments
Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr Interview @ E3 2016: Neocore's galaxy-wide action RPG

E3 Get claustrophobic in story mode, then take it open world with multiplayer

Jun 16 at 1:36pm, by Leo Chan | 0 comments
Harebrained Schemes talks co-op dungeon crawling in Necropolis @ E3 2016

E3 Slay and chug potions together, if you're not killing each other by accident

Jun 16 at 1:33pm, by Leo Chan | 0 comments
Death Stranding is still a long way off, but it's about to enter production

Kojima has yet to choose an engine

Jun 16 at 9:15am, by Philip Moody | 26 comments
PlayStation VR demo stations will be available across the US this weekend

Try before you buy

Jun 16 at 8:47am, by Philip Moody | 1 comment
Paypal UK confirms start date for annual Steam summer sale, kiss your wallet goodbye June 23

Valve punched me right in the wallet

Jun 16 at 8:28am, by Philip Moody | 6 comments
Paper Mario Color Splash comes to Wii U on October 7, Koopalings join the 2D fun

E3 Paint the Prism Island red

Jun 15 at 6:42pm, by Maxfield Navarro | 6 comments
Pokémon Go will launch at the end of July, Pikachu goes free to play

E3 Plus will launch "late July"

Jun 15 at 3:48pm, by Philip Moody | 13 comments
Mario Party Star Rush announced at E3, scramble with Toads and recruited friends

E3 We've never seen a Mario Party like this

Jun 15 at 2:35pm, by Maxfield Navarro | 5 comments
Build a place to call home in a savage desert world with Ever Oasis for 3DS

E3 Link isn't the only hero needing to live off the land, but Tethu won't do it alone

Jun 15 at 1:12pm, by Leo Chan | 1 comment
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can be finished without even playing the story

E3 Is this the big surprise?

Jun 15 at 11:13am, by Philip Moody | 9 comments
Square Enix is considering a Kingdom Hearts collection for PlayStation 4

E3 Don't get your hopes up, but don't say they aren't listening either

Jun 15 at 10:52am, by Philip Moody | 30 comments
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 E3 trailer features Turles vs future Gohan, Gohan still can't dodge

E3 Piccolo is so disappointed a facepalm won't be enough

Jun 15 at 10:31am, by Philip Moody | 0 comments
Sega has news for European Sonic fans at E3, tune in Wednesday at 11 AM PT

E3 So many possibilities, so little time to guess

Jun 14 at 4:17pm, by Philip Moody | 15 comments

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