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Classes Within Clans
WIthin each clan there are four basic classes to choose from once you reach Opening Chi 1(lvl 28) These Class types are (in simplified form). Please note that at this time I only have knowledge of the Wu Tang and Heavenly Demon clans.

Also note that classes such as HD's Fire Demon and WT's White Tiger master all forms of chi kung and kung fu to full mastery, but are difficult to manage due to the same talent.

Blade Master: The offensive warrior that uses sheer strength to overpower opponents, always the type to charge into battle worrying abou consequenses later.

-importants stats for this class: strength and constitution, dexterity is also important
-lesser stats: essense and wisdom are tougher to gain and require more skill points to level up

Clan representation:
Wu Tang - Blue Dragon, White Tiger
Heavenly Demon - Blood Demon, Fire Demon

Chi Healer: Uses their chi and chakra to heal and buff allies, mainly used as a supporting role for larger parties.

-important stats for this class are essense and wisdom for their primary use of chi kung over kung fu
-lesser stats are strength and constitution

Clan representations:
Wu Tang - White Tiger
Heavenly Demon - Phantom Demon, Fire Demon

Chi Fighter: Uses offensive chi kung to blast opposition from a distance, often referred to as a 'nuker'.

-important stats: essense and wisdom strengthen the chi kung abilities of these warriors, other offensive traits are important as well
-lesser stats include strength for their lack of physical ability

Clan Representations:
Wu Tang - unknown, White Tiger
Heavenly Demon - Storm Demon, Fire Demon

Overall Master: Generally the term 'jack of all trades, master of none' comes to mind with this type, but that is not the case here. The Mastery of all chi kung and kung fu within a clan falls into this type, they never question their decision to become what they are and strive to be the best and nothing less. They are the living embodiment of the lost 9 Dragons.

-Stats: Generally the only stats this class has trouble with is wisdom, all other stats are emphasized with a value on essense and any other stat based on the fighting style.

Clan Representations:
Wu Tang: White Tiger
Heavenly Demon: Fire Demon