Seven Kingdoms II Cheats

Seven Kingdoms II cheats, and Codes for PC.

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Seven Kingdoms II Cheats

Cheat Codes
Type !!##%%&& during game play. The phrase "Cheat Codes Enabled" will confirm correct code entry. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate its corresponding cheat function.

Full map[Ctrl] + M
All technology available[Ctrl] + T
Toggle invincible king[Ctrl] + U
Toggle debug messages[Ctrl] + A
Toggle AI information[Ctrl] + D
Add 1000 food[Ctrl] + \
Add 1000 treasure[Ctrl] + C
Fast construction[Ctrl] + Z
Set Economic score to 0[Ctrl] + J
Add 10 to population of selected town[Ctrl] + [Semicolon]
Full seat of power[Ctrl] + [Plus]
Subtract 10 reputation[Alt] + [Ctrl] + E
Add 10 reputation[Alt] + [Ctrl] + R
Subtract 20 damage to selected building[Alt] + [Ctrl] + K
Add 20 damage to selected building[Alt] + [Ctrl] + J
Subtract 1000 treasure[Alt] + [Ctrl] + X
Subtract 1000 food[Alt] + [Ctrl] + C


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In game hold shift, type 11335577. If done correctly a message will apear. Press one of the following key combinations:
1000 food - Ctrl + (plus)
1000 cash - Ctrl c
Fast build - Ctrl z
Imortal King - Ctrl u
All technology - Ctrl t
Add population - Ctrl ; (semicolen)
Full seat of power - Ctrl =
Reputation + 10 - Ctrl Alt r
All knowledge - Ctrl d
Add 20 damage to selected building - Alt Ctrl j
Full Map
While playing the game submit the code !!##%%&& and you should be told that you have enabled Cheat Mode correctly. Then enter the code "Ctrl + M" to get a full map.