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50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

[edit] Background

50 Cent and G-Unit have just played to a sold-out crowd in a war-torn country. But when 50 tries to collect from the shifty promoter, he's told that a local drug lord named Kamal has screwed him over and stolen the box office receipts. 50 is ready to take his wrath out on the promoter, who begs for his life and convinces him there's a way to get his money back and get revenge on Kamal. With you playing as one of the world's biggest Hip-Hop stars, cue an all out battle across two countries to collect payday and payback on those who have crossed 50 Cent!

[edit] Features

  • Intense high body-count gunplay: Bring the heat with 20+ high powered weapons including heavy machine guns, advanced guided rocket launchers, grenades and explosives.

  • Collaborative G-Unit crew member: 50 never runs alone. He's always got his G-Unit crew covering his back. Select a member of G-Unit to fight by 50's side - each with their own signature weapon.

  • New Brutal Counter-kill system: All new interactive counter-kill system that gives you the control to finish off the enemy.

  • Incredible music and sound: Exclusive music content will immerse you in the war-torn world of all-out combat game play. All of 50's tracks are remixed for the intensity of the game play.

  • Explosive driving and flying sequences: Drive through the city's water runoffs and storm drains in high speed pursuit. Get behind the wheel as 50 while a member of your G-Unit crew shoots down pursuing enemies. Get inside a Blackhawk, mount the Gatling gun and shoot across the opium fields of the mountain valley.

  • Online co-op multiplayer modes: Have your friends join your game online at any time! Have them pick a member of G-Unit's crew to help 50 get payback on those who wronged him.

  • 50 Cent and G-Unit music: New, never-before-heard exclusive tracks and classic hits from 50's albums make this the ultimate 50 Cent experience.

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