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[edit] Background

Featuring 12 tracks in 6 real-world locations, there are various modes including championship mode and a two-player split-screen option. You can choose among four categories of vehicles which are all equipped with 4-wheel independent suspensions.

[edit] Gameplay

4 Wheel Thunder gets its gameplay from the multi-console game Hydro Thunder. In 4 Wheel Thunder, there are two basic types of courses. They are either indoor or outdoor tracks. Total there are two dozen tracks to race on all with variations to the course. There is also a multi-player mode, a practice, and the championship modes. Like Hydro Thunder, 4 Wheel Thunder uses power-ups that are scattered across each course. Your boost meter will also go up a few more seconds each time you grab a power up. You can use the boost during the race simply by pressing the boost button. Basically if you don't have power-ups, there is only a slim chance of winning races. Good luck!

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just 2 xtreme
Jun 02, 04 11:19am

I would recomend that you not bother buying this game unless it is really cheap there...

Nov 26, 00 8:00am
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Release Dates
  • North America: May 3, 2000
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